In case you could not tell, I love to travel. I blame my mother for this addiction to having such a luxurious lifestyle. Before I was in school, my family and I were always on vacation. Luckily, they were all video taped to--thanks to my dad. I've been so so many places, but only in the US. I still have to see so many more places as well. I do plan on traveling abroad to other countries, but it just has not been the right time yet. (By right time, I mean insufficient funds.) 

Here are some of my favorite vacations I've taken in the past years... 

The 3 pictures above are from December/January 2011/2012. When I was 14, I went to LA with my dance team to perform at the Rose Bowl Parade. The trip was awesome, but the parade was one of the worst and best experiences of my life... I wore heels, danced and marched 9 miles on national television. 
The first picture is of my sister and I. (We were both on the dance team at the time) This was on Rodeo Drive. The second picture is of Venice Beach... not the cleanest beach if that's what you're looking for. But there are a bunch of shops along the beach... Some of them are a little sketchy, but if you are willing to go, you should check it out. The very bottom picture is me posing behind some cute Australian guys who were talking to my sister and two other friends that were with us. They were CUTE. When we got the Santa Monica beach, I swear we saw Cory Monteith! RIP.

These two pictures were taken August 2013 at Ship Island. Ship Island used to be an island used for shipping and storing weapons, or something like that way back when ( i really don't remember ). The island is located off the coast of Biloxi, Mississippi. IT WAS GORGEOUS. There were crabs on the beach, jelly fish on the shore ( I got stung ), sting rays in the water! It was gorgeous. You take a boat there too, it was only about a 40 minute ride too. 

Above are pictures from spring break 2014. I went to Universal Studios! IT WAS GREAT. And below is a picture of the beach in St. Augustine. There were SO many cute boys surfing. 

March 2014 in Atlanta Georgia. Well the first picture is of Stone Mountain. It was super cloudy and rainy that day. I still do not know how I climbed that mountain, it was slippery. The second picture is in Covington, THIS IS WHERE THEY SHOOT THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Back then, I was obsessed, so we went. Sadly, I did not see any of my vampire lovers. :(

Okay, above these pictures are from my graduation trip. You can see a few more pictures here. This was April 2015. The first picture is of the grand canyon, second is from the beginning of the strip, third is from Anaheim and last is from Lake Las Vegas. 
This trip was a week long, we flew to Vegas and stayed there for a couple of days, and then went to California and went to Disney. Well, not actual Disney, but Downtown Disney. Then we flew back to Vegas and stayed at the resort by Lake Las Vegas. IT WAS AMAZING. 

Pictured above is F. Scott Fitzgerald's house that he grew up in. He wrote "This side of paradise" here! I went here to Minnesota in June 2015. (St. Paul)

July 2016 in Chicago and Cudahy. This is by far my favorite vacation. I went to Chicago for July 4th! This is when I fell in love with the city and Lake Michigan.

 Myrtle Beach in 2017
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Tell me where you have traveled too!
Questions? Ask! I have so much more to say!

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