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As I am an English major it should be a given that I love reading--I always have. I remember the first chapter book I ever read was, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and I was seven. (I was an early reader, and my neighbor whom I carpooled {who was much older than I was} told me it was a good book). I remember in elementary school my favorite books were The Little House on The Prairie books--I also loved Where The Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. 

In middle school I started my love for "chick-lit." I read all of the Clique by Lisi Harrison books and so many other books that I cannot even remember. I went through books so fast! (This is when I also discovered the wonderful Jenny Han novels.) I was always reading a book, probably because I didn't have a phone unlike the rest of my classmates, so I would actually get my book taken away from me in class. And to make matters worse, I would read all the time at home... while I was washing the dishes, I would leave a page open to read, or while I would eat (this is why all of my YA novels that I own have nasty ravioli stains or cake icing frosted on the pages) and this would get on my mother's nerves, but I didn't care, I loved reading--still do. 

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Reading in high school was a rare thing for me. My time was scarce between school-work, the dance team, and my friends. For a while, I am not sure why-- I remember people thought reading was lame. My classmates hated reading in class and loathed when we had pick a book outside of class to read in our English classes. I remembered if you were seen in the cafeteria reading a book, you were instantly labeled as a loser, or uncool. And of course being a typical high schooler-- I believed that as well (which i am mad at myself now for,,, I could have read more books that time than the time life has allotted me with now). So I would normally read in the library after sneaking away from my friends after I ate lunch. 

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So, while reading was uncool, and all of my classmates hated reading classic literature in-class, I grew to love it. I secretly loved reading new books in class. I love Shakespeare. I looked forward to every year in English class because we got to read one of his plays. Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar were the only ones I got to read at the time because junior year, my teacher favored the transcendentalism period over my good ole William. Luckily, I moved to BA, OK my senior year and we read Macbeth. And now don't laugh... We had to act out scenes in class... AND I WAS GIVEN THE LADY MACBETH MONOLOGUE SCENE. I HATE MY LIFE. 

Aside from that embarrassing moment, in college, after taking my literature classes, I have enjoyed classic lit as well. Some of my favorite authors (YA and Classic): Jenny Han, Fitzgerald, Emily Giffin, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Bronte Sisters, J.K. Rowling, and many more. 

I prefer reading YA novels, but I love the classics as well. My absolute favorites are: The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, Anna Karenina, Jane Eyre, This Side of Paradise, and my favorite play of all time-- Hamlet. 

So this is me... I don't care about those labels now. Here I am, a nerdy bookworm. Sometimes I feel like Belle, out of place in this world, and having to explain to people like Gaston the wonder of reading. 

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