This blog was created as a place for my to vent about my dramatic high school experiences. Initially, it was... but somewhere along the way I realized it wasn't high school that was dramatic, it was my life. This blog had many random posts from DIY's, photos from vacations, attempts of a recipe, complaints about life, college, books & tv, and so much more. However, I am so inconsistent with posting due to such a crazy life, you'll see that there are some months I will post a ton, and some that are radio silent.

 So, this blog isn't really for anyone except for maybe just me.... it's nice to look back on words written by yourself when time has passes and to see how much a person can change in a short amount of time. This blog consists of snippets of my life, my thoughts on many different subjects, popular and unpopular opinions, and my favorite things that are strung together on this blog.

If by some chance this blog catches a reader, I hope that whoever stumbles upon this page can relate to if not all, but some of my feelings about the world. 

x Demi 

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