Monday, July 10, 2017

Vacation Photos

Okay... I've finally had a little break from my work schedule and I am uploading some pictures from my trip to Myrtle Beach.

The top two photos are from the first night we arrived in MB. It was a long 18 hour drive. We drove from Broken Arrow, Ok through Arkansas passing through my school then through Little Rock, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, and then we passed through Covington and Conyers where they shoot TVD and TO, then through Columbia, and then finally making it to MB, SC. These photos are from outside of our hotel door. We stayed at the Blue Hotel and it's right on the beach. The rooms are okay... We got a hotel room big enough for 8 people. So, when you first walk in--there are two beds, then you go into the hall way and there is a small kitchen nook, and then a hall way to the bathroom, and then a small living room with a bed that comes down from the wall, and then a futon, and it also included a balcony. The hotel is not like normal hotels where you get into your room from the hallway--as soon as you step off the elevator you are outside and it's more of an outdoor hallway, but it was nice because as soon as we arrived, there were fireworks there to greet us. 

 This is the strip of beach right outside of the hotel. This is right after all the rain cleared up, and the hot lifeguard was no longer there. (My sisters and I met a hot lifeguard with an incredibly sexy accent.)

This is a picture my sister snapped of me with my brother's boogie board and a snorkeling thing I bought from the store in hopes of finding perfect seashells and starfish--no luck. The only good thing about those goggles was that it covered my nose and when those waves tried to take me under, I wasn't choking up a storm afterwards. 
A picture of a wave that I snapped with my phone while on the boogie board--I promptly crashed afterwards. Once you go far enough, you can ride the waves and it's so much more serene, peaceful, and fun. I did go just far enough, as well as my dad, but we saw 47 m down right before this trip and sharks were also spotted a month earlier, and I didn't want to get my leg bitten off. LOL. 

The view outside of our balcony. 

At Myrtle Beach State Park. I'm waiting for John Tyree... 

The Pier at MBState Park. 

Cute crab we thought was dead--after snapping this photo we found out our little friend was very much alive. 

My older sister and I. Look at my beach hair... actually its the rain + saltwater + frizz = this mess. 

There are more pics on my instagram and on my facebook as well. 

I should be posting soon about my new obsession that I cannot wait to share.... who am i kidding... I will share now.... HAPPY PLANNERS. 

See ya. 

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