Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Updates..

As always, I have been MIA. I've been working.... barely. But I've been watching Netflix and doing other stuff... also known as nothing, nothing really at all. 

Today is my day off of work. Woo. I went to the optometrist's office today to get my eyes checked for new contacts. I cannot believe my eyesight has gotten to be so bad in a matter of just a year! I like to wear Daily's Total One. Those are the pair I am wearing right now. I've worn these before, in high school, but I took a one year hiatus due to funds, but hopefully I can get them this time, so I don't go back to school and get another glasses tan like I did last fall. 

The picture is inspired by the one and only, the wonderful--JT. If you are not still obsessed with 20/20, who are you?

I think in a previous post I mention that I have a new obsession with Happy Planners. It's a good and a bad thing. I'll keep my life organized. This past school year I did not use a planner because I suck and I wanted to not keep up with my life, so it led to me being behind on everything. It's probably because I like cute stuff, I used Lily Pulitzer the two years before, but I swore that brand off after my freshman year of college because I told myself that I was going to try to look more adult.  

SO, maybe it'll help me get my shit together or maybe not. Here's the bad... it's expensive. This is not a cheap hobby. Buying stickers and supplies for it is expensive. I went a little overboard, but not as overboard as I thought when I joined a group on FB who share the love of Happy Planners. 

I will have to do another whole post on the planner, because that is another story... 

until then, 

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