Monday, July 10, 2017

As Promised...

So I am finally doing my review on Giffin's Something Borrowed and Blue.

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I will not lie, maybe it's because I can relate to Rachel in wanting someone who you can't have, but I rooted for her so badly. The first time I read this book, I was probably fifteen, and then the second time I was eighteen-- and of course I naively thought that the affair that Rachel carried on with Dex was so desirable and that betraying Darcy was no big deal. But after reading it again (being twenty now) I realize just how wrong Rachel was.

Hilary and Ethan (I love him) shed light to Rachel on what a terrible friend Darcy is to her, and Rachel slowly starts to realize this, but she uses that to justify her actions with Dexter. And the teenage me used to crave a guy like Dex, but now that I think about it, I would never want to carry on an affair with my best friend's  future husband.

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I honestly did not think I would enjoy this book from Darcy's point of view. ( I bought this second book the moment i finished the first when i was fifteen, and I could not get myself to read it until recently.) Needless to say, I loved it. Ethan was able to give insight to Darcy on how bad of a friend and person she was. After reading in her point of view, I did see how wrong it was of Rachel to betray her like she did. Regardless-- she was a bad friend, but Rachel did her wrong in the ultimate betrayal. I love how Darcy changes and becomes selfless rather than selfish. I also enjoyed seeing Ethan and her relationship go from bickering friends, to friends and then to loving each other--I was not expecting that to be honest, but it was a wonderful ending. However, it did bother me how Rachel was sorry for hurting her and not for what she did... but whatever.

Bottom line, if there was no second book, I would be on Team Rachel and Dex, but I am definitely more in love with Darcy and Ethan than I am the other pair.

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