Friday, May 5, 2017

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

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This release of this book had very bad timing. I had a research paper due at midnight that night, and I started this book the second it was released east coast time. I even had to buy it on my credit card. And of course, like all of her other books---I finished this one in a matter of hours. Less than 24 if we are being honest. 

The series overall was good, but I am not sure if I really like it. Mostly because I think it parallels with her other trilogy---The Summer Series, but I guess Jenny Han just likes the same kind of stuff to happen to a person. The book ended just the way each book ended--LJ and PK get into a fight, and then make up.

I think this book just left me with so many unanswered questions... well just one to be honest. I want to know what ever happened to the letter LJ started to write to Josh again where she said, "Ps I still love you," hence... the title of the next book. He's pretty much disappeared from the series in the second book. It makes me sad. I liked--- loved Josh. I mean, it's whatever, I still love these books-- a little too much if I am honest.


I cannot wait to write my own book one day... I already have started a few, but then I get busy because of school work and then forget all about it. I've started about 4 different ones, and then I have one more on my mind that I really like.

We will see... we will see..


Some new things I have started doing....

  •  bullet journaling
  • cut crease lids
  • failing at life
Yeah, that last one you may ask? My grades have SUCKED this semester. I have to say, out of all four semesters, this one has been the hardest. 

Finals started Thursday. My first one was linguistics... all I can say is LOL. I made a TWENTY-TWO page study guide, and my classmates looked at me like I was crazy. 

Today, I had my history final. All I can say again is LOL. Let's not talk about it. It's not the class, I get the material and understand it all. It's the professor. In comparison to the history class I took last semester where it was over the same material and I earned an A, and this semester and I am barely getting C's on the tests. WHATEVER. 

So after my final, I started to pack up my room. Every thing is pretty much packed up and put away except all the things I will need for the next four days. I have a final on Monday, a meeting on Monday that I am skipping, and then my last and most dreaded final... SYSTEMS OF GRAMMAR. 

I will need to study my ass off for that. 

So at the moment, I am currently doing laundry and waiting for the dryers and trying to keep myself occupied on my last Friday night in Russvegas. 

This is from the look out point at Mt. Nebo. To the right is Rville and then Dardenelle. 

I am trying to decide how I should arrange my room next semester.... I've moved furniture all afternoon, and I think I like the way i have it now. The bed is against the wall adjacent to the window, and my desk right infront of the windows and my fridge and dresser at the same spot. It gives a lot of space by the right window and by the AC. 

This semester.. this year.... this decade... all I can say is... LOL. 

Fuck my life.