Thursday, April 6, 2017

Life Lately...

As always, I've been busy.

Grades have been meh and I am meeting with my adviser tomorrow to make my schedule for next semester.
I know I have to take american lit, brit lit, film studies, and I'm not sure what to take for my electives.

I rearranged my room this week too. I switched up my bed. I still have not taken any pictures of my room. I just have not had time lately.

I started writing a book last year. And I got however far and lost my momentum. Then I started writing a new book because a great idea came into my head. Then I started reading all my old books and got into my feelings.

I tried not to write a love story. But love is what makes the world go around apparently. So I started a third one, and I got 22 pages done in nearly a day. But some of it needs to be cleaned up.

But then, I read another book and it sparked another light and I started to write again. It would be more like a spin-off to the third book.

Speaking of books...
I recently reread all of The Summer Series, I fell in love with Conrad, again.
And then I read TATBILB and the second book. I am so excited for the last series book that comes out next month.

This summer, I am determined to read as much as I can.

Okay, done with homework for the day... I should be reading my text book, but I am going to lay down in bed and read my pleasure books.