Friday, November 11, 2016

Post Election Thoughts...

Here's the thing, I go to school in Arkansas--a republican state. Nearly all of the student population at my university are rapid Trump supporters.
Let me say this, I was not a Hilary supporter, but I would rather have her over him. (I was originally with Bernie Sanders, he was robbed.)

Here are some of my thoughts over the past couple of days...

I really thought Hilary was going to win, because she had the popular vote.  But Trump surprised us all.

I get both sides of the argument. Sure he can make the economy better, he knows it, you know it, we all know it! Obviously, he is going to be our president, there is nothing we can do about it at this point in time.

I am not afraid of Trump, I am scared of the people who voted for Trump. Not all, but most of Trumps supporters wave their Confederate flag high. Here is a brief lesson for everyone: Anyone who took a history class, ever, should know that the Confederate flag does not represent Southern honor; It represents white supremacy. The Confederate States of America was founded so they could continue to practice slavery... So for those who say they hang their flag for southern honor, that is incorrect.

Can I say this? Trump's campaign thrived off the idea of, "Make America Great Again." THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1928 THAT REPUBLICANS HAVE HAD THE WHITE HOUSE, AND THE SENATE. Also, one year later the stock market crashed. And then we entered an era that started with "Great." It was the Great Depression.

Trump does not believe in women equality. By him being elected, this sets every thing women have fought for, in the past. It's over, it's done. He and his vice president want to defund Planned Parenthood. THIS is taking away millions of women's rights. He wants women who undergo abortions, to be punished. Let me say this, I was pro life probably my whole life, until recently. I didn't understand the a woman's health and her choices should be between her and her doctor. If you're against abortion, don't get one!

Another thing, people believe that a woman is not capable of being a president because women are irrational and could start a war in an instant. Haven't all the wars we had in the past been started by men?! WOMEN have said that Hilary could not be president, because a woman cannot separate their emotions from reason. I am a woman, and I can sure as hell separate my emotions from reason. I truly believe the women who support have been degraded by men in their lives. I believe that they feel that they need a man to define themselves. If being "Raised Right," means to believe that a man can do any job better than a woman is right, I choose to wrong everyday. I notice my "friends" who elected Trump are the women who rely on their boyfriends. They are the ones who go to church, but they are also sluts at the same time... Hmmm. I hope that you know you are worth more than what you voted for, maybe.

America voted for a man who openly hates gays, muslims, mexicans and minorities. I fall into the category of a minority. My "friends' who support and voted for this man have offended me. My parents are first generation American, making me a second generation American.

For the white people who say we are generalizing them calling all of them racists, sexist, etc.... Let's take a second and think about this. 9 out of 10 times I am asked by a white person, "Where are you from?" And every time I give them the same answer, "Texas." They normally look at me funny and ask again, "No, really where are you from?" Again, I feel the need to explain myself, "I am from Texas. I was born in Texas." AND THEY LOOKED AT ME SHOCKED. Just because I have yellow skin, small eyes, dark brown hair I am automatically from Asia. And no, not a specific country from Asia, just Asia because they can't see a difference.

For the people who don't care about politics... you should. Today we learned that Trump has appointed Ebell the head of the EPA. Trump and Ebell DO NOT BELIEVE in climate change. By putting Ebell in charge, we can say goodbye to clean air, because they will most likely lower restrictions on air pollution policies. Say goodbye to climate change regulation, the Paris Agreement. Say hello to privatizing national parks! I don't understand how America elected a man who does not believe in science.

To Donald Trump, I thank you. Thank you for shining the light on racism and sexism. Thank you for showing the true colors of people whom I called friends. To the American people who elected him, thank you for voting for a rapist and a racist! It shows how broken this country has become.

 And to my friends and former classmates from high school who elected Trump. It is sickening to see the amount of so-called friends who were overjoyed with our new president. You have deeply offended me by voting Trump. I am the most loyal friend you can ask for. For me to cut off friendships, says  A LOT. I will not go as far to delete you as a friend on Facebook, or even unfollow you on social media accounts, like Twitter and Instagram.--I don't believe unfriending or blocking people will help. Just know, I will not be there for you in the future like the way you were not there for me in this election by standing with Trump.