Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I have not done any monthly favorites this past year I feel like... maybe I did earlier, but recently I have not.
I'm sittin here in the library doing nothing, so why not!
This is my favorite thing I have bought in the past 6 months!

I am not a fan of sprays and stuff for the hair... But this made my hair so shiny and wavy. Normally I curl my hair and then it gets flat, this gave it texture.... I recommend this for the lazy girls out there like me! It also smells really good and lasts all day! Price wise.... It's expensive. It's worth the price honestly, I am not one to normally say that either. I got my first try as a sample in Birchbox.
click here to see....

I don't have a picture... but I have a link! I have been using these screen protectors since 2013 when I first got my iPhone! They sparkle and I feel like they do a much better job than other screen films I've tried and seen on others! 

click here to buy from the seller I always get mine from!

I love these phone cases! They are thin and clear too!!!!! CHECK THEM OUT... 
Con: they are from china.... so they take a while to get to you

D is for Demi


ANOTHER D on a paper for advanced comp!!!!!!!! I AM LIVID. She gave us instructions, which I followed to a T, and I got a 60.

Whatever. So now I will have to work my ass off.

Here is a list of things I need to do over my fall break....

  • Start my semester project that I should have been doing over the past two months... 
  • Start my math project that I am dreading...
  • Start my essay for Advanced Comp... UGH
  • ^I have to find a preverse topic because my professor has a sick sense of humor 

And to add to the stress...

I have picked up a job... today in fact.
I signed up to be a note taker.... Basically, I go to these classes and take notes on the lecture and then upload them onto this website for the person who will be using them. 
Each class I take notes for, I get $100 at the end of the semester... I signed up for two of them.... Hopefully I can handle this... I need the money though.
I mean, I will be going to a class on Tue/Thur and I don't even have classes that day, only a lab later in the day on Thursdays. 
But the other class is during my break on MWF.
Normally, the notetaking will take place at the beginning of the semester, not the middle of the semester... So basically I'm doing half the work for all of the cost. 
My dad says it isn't worth it, but I mean, it's free classes, and they seem interesting.
BUT, for my stress level............
UGH we will see how this goes.... 

PS... Why is it October and still 90 degrees outside?

Friday, October 14, 2016

I am a liar.

This semester has been kicking my ass. My classes are much harder than my easy breezy freshman year, and I am the biggest procrastinator. So all the posts I promised, probably won't be coming anytime soon or at all. Sorry about that, but let's get a quick update about what's going on in my life right now...

Like I said in the posts below... I met someone and let me tell you this... The train left the station and I hopped on board and then jumped off the moving train. That's all I'll tell ya.

This semester I've made an abundant amount of friends for some reason, more than I did in my freshman year. I've been trying to balance my social and academic life, and it's taken a deep toll in my academic life, so this October I've been grinding my butt off trying to get my life where I want it to be.

My hardest classes I would say is math and advanced composition.

My math class is titled "College Mathematics" and it's a lie. The class is all about statistics and surveys. Life would have been so much easier with algebra and just solving for x rather than finding all this other shit out that I don't care about. Surprisingly, I am not failing the class, just barley passing.

Advanced Comp, I am taking online. It's so hard because I have all my other classes to worry about and I cannot focus on this online one. Plus the teacher grades so hard and makes us post on blackboard discussion boards multiple times each week for a grade. AND I have never ever made a D on a paper, UNTIL THIS CLASS. She basically told me I was a bad writer. IN MY LIFE, I have never been told that, I've been told the opposite.

So with that, I have come to the conclusion that all those other teachers who told my I am a great writer, were liars, or this professor knows nothing! I've decided she knows nothing.

Other than that... my grades are okay. They are not where I'd like them to be, but they are better than a D. I was honestly expecting to see one D, but there were none, so I'm happy about that.

And here I am editing my blog when I should be working on my paper for advanced comp that is due at midnight that I have only barely started on today....

As usual, I need to get my shit together.

See you.