Saturday, September 3, 2016

Anna Karenina


The first time I watched Anna Karenina, I didn't understand it all.

I didn't understand why Kitty settled for Konstantin--or rather why I thought she settled.

I craved a love like Anna and Count Vronsky--and I did not understand why Jude Law, Alexei was being such a jerk.

But after watching it again. I had it all wrong.

If you haven't ever watched Anna Karenina, the 2012 version, watch it.

Friday, September 2, 2016

I met someone...

I met someone recently... I don't want to say how--because I am not sure if this is going to grow into a friendship or anything yet really, so I don't want to say anything. But, I met someone.

He's nice. He's soft spoken, smart, ambitious, quiet, funny, awkward, nerdy, skinny, tall, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and cute.

He is the total opposite that I go for. I normally go for the dark hair and green or dark eyes. Party/loud guy, big build, broad shoulders type.

This is different from my normal talking to guys thing. I normally just talk to guys via text. Or where I can't see them (as you can see, I am emotionally unavailable.) But this time, I actually met him in person and we talked for 2 almost 3 hours.


This is TOTALLY different from that one time I went out with this guy named Albert last year around September, late September. I met him at the university, HE WAS NOT EVEN A STUDENT, he was a townie. We hung out and went to Starbucks and then took him to my dorm. He went for a hug when the night ended and then wanted to hang out again and go hiking. BUT, I honestly didn't see a a relationship forming with him, romantically and just friend wise. So I just blew him off and never saw him again... The beauty of the real world, not like high school where you have to see them every day. After talking with him and him telling me about himself, I WAS NOT ABOUT TO GO AND HIKE MT. NEBO WITH HIM.


But for now, let's see if I can be friends with this guy I just met.

*sends text, turns off phone, chucks it across the room, lays down in bed, cries, gets and picks up the phone and turns it on*