Sunday, July 24, 2016

Is it too late to say sorry?

As the top of the blog says, inconsistent posts about my life. I've been so busy since I last wrote. Finals came faster than I thought it would. I moved back to Oklahoma for the Summer and moved completely out of my dorm. (I'll be getting a single this fall, yay!) I started working again, then I went on a week vacation to Minnesota (St. Paul & Minneapolis.) Then went back to work, then back on another vacation for the 4th of July to Chicago and Milwaukee to Lake Michigan and then back to Minnesota for a day or two to visit with family... (This paragraph has super bad grammar and punctuation, but I need to finish, or you will never be able to read another post!)

Now here I am off work finally writing a post for my invisible readers. Up until mid August, I will be working as much as I can to save money for text books! Yikes!

But here are a few picture from my Summer so far...


Okay, here we have Sencha Tea Bar. Avocado, so good. This was in Woodbury, MN. 

This is Sunfish Lake. I was here for a birthday party. A cute place to cook out, they even had volleyball nets all set up too. 
This has been on my list for a long time.... This is in St. Paul and it's F. Scott Fitzgerald's home! It's where his genius self wrote, This Side of Paradise!

It looks like one big house, but it's not. It's a bunch of town homes all lined up together. 


This was taken July 3. This was in St. Louis, it was super rainy and muggy all the way up to Chicago. 

Me at The Bean! It was crowded!

July 4th at the Navy Pier! You can see all the heads, I tried to crop a lot of them out, but they wanted to be seen. The Pier was so crowded, they reached max capacity at only 7 PM!

Lake Michigan from the pier. Across on the left hand side, is Lincoln Park. 

Joyyee! (Taken July 6) In New China Town. This boba is avocado, again ;) 
As you can tell, it's my fav and Oklahoma has zero boba shops that have a good avocado.
Fire works! 

My chacos! The shore line was filled with rocks, I had to wear shoes! But the rocks were so pretty because they were perfectly round. There was also a lot of sea glass. Luckily, I had my little sister with me and she has a sharp eye. 

This is the view from above the Lake. (I don't want to give away where exactly I was, because the location was so secluded.)

I don't know whether I am in a lake or an ocean in Mexico!

Last day in Chicago (7/6 sorry pics are not ordered correctly...)and spent the day at Lincoln Park and Montrose Beach. Can I say the beach was SO crowded. 

I have a ton more of pictures loaded on my Facebook profile. And I have to say after spending a week in the Windy City, I am in love.

This is it for now..... I will try to write soon!