Friday, January 15, 2016

Busy Bee...

This week was the first week back to college! And I was busy as ever! Monday, I had my classes. After my first class, I walked across the street to the Textbook Brokers store and picked up my books. I bought my books online, or I should say I rented them all for less than $150. Which is really good! I saw a girl being rung up for nearly $400 (me last semester lol). I'll do a post soon on how to get the cheapest books for college!

Tuesday was my birthday. I didn't do anything actually. I had no morning classes except for a lab at 6 in the evening. This was my first birthday I spent alone. SIGH. But as sad as that sounds, it was all okay.

Wednesday, I went to class then I took a nap and almost missed the bus to Walmart! Good thing I got up in time for the second shuttle. Just went a little grocery shopping and came home before 8 pm.

Thursday, I have no classes at all!! YAY. But it is my day to do homework and get caught up on everything or get ahead on everything. BUT my laptop kept crashing, and I'll be lucky if it doesn't crash anytime soon while I am typing this.

Friday, Class and I paid for my tuition. BLAH.

So today, I ordered online a new laptop. There were some good reviews and some bad ones. I'm not sure. I got it because it was cute, and the keyboard looks like a Macbook keyboard and I was opting for a Macbook Air BUT that would have really left me broke. So I ordered a hot pink laptop for less than $300 total with accessories.

From reading the good and bad reviews I am trying not to get my hopes up just in case it's terrible. If it is, I can always have my dad fix my computer now (the one that is crashing) since he is a computer tech. (I live three hours away from my parents so I can't have him fix it, and I need a laptop ASAP for school since I have an online class as well.)

Hopefully it will get here soon, since I paid for expedited shipping! DANG. So it better be here by next Wednesday. UGh.

We'll see. This laptop is a birthday gift to myself from myself since I didn't get anything else besides new eye contacts from my mom.

I have not done monthly favorites in a while, so I will do reviews on my new contacts versus my old contacts, my new laptop and how to get the best deal on college books!

Ta Ta!!!


Monday, January 4, 2016


As usual, I am super inconsistent with posting on here.

Since I last left you, I had Thanksgiving Break and Finals and then now I am on Winter Break.

Let me tell you, during finals week, I had nearly no sleep. Or rather my sleeping schedule was fucked up. I went to bed around noon and woke up at 10 and stayed awake. It was crazy.

As soon as I got done with finals, I went home and started working everyday. Today is my day off and I work tomorrow. 

Ah sorry, I'm so random.

I cannot believe it's already 2016. I remember when I was little, I never thought that I would reach 2016 and let alone graduate high school. It all seemed so far away from that time. 

But the time has come, and in one week I will be 19.

I never make New Year resolutions because I don't believe in waiting one whole year to start making changes. I make wishes every year for my birthday. So I will see you then, I won't be writing until next week when I get back to school!