Friday, November 11, 2016

Post Election Thoughts...

Here's the thing, I go to school in Arkansas--a republican state. Nearly all of the student population at my university are rapid Trump supporters.
Let me say this, I was not a Hilary supporter, but I would rather have her over him. (I was originally with Bernie Sanders, he was robbed.)

Here are some of my thoughts over the past couple of days...

I really thought Hilary was going to win, because she had the popular vote.  But Trump surprised us all.

I get both sides of the argument. Sure he can make the economy better, he knows it, you know it, we all know it! Obviously, he is going to be our president, there is nothing we can do about it at this point in time.

I am not afraid of Trump, I am scared of the people who voted for Trump. Not all, but most of Trumps supporters wave their Confederate flag high. Here is a brief lesson for everyone: Anyone who took a history class, ever, should know that the Confederate flag does not represent Southern honor; It represents white supremacy. The Confederate States of America was founded so they could continue to practice slavery... So for those who say they hang their flag for southern honor, that is incorrect.

Can I say this? Trump's campaign thrived off the idea of, "Make America Great Again." THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1928 THAT REPUBLICANS HAVE HAD THE WHITE HOUSE, AND THE SENATE. Also, one year later the stock market crashed. And then we entered an era that started with "Great." It was the Great Depression.

Trump does not believe in women equality. By him being elected, this sets every thing women have fought for, in the past. It's over, it's done. He and his vice president want to defund Planned Parenthood. THIS is taking away millions of women's rights. He wants women who undergo abortions, to be punished. Let me say this, I was pro life probably my whole life, until recently. I didn't understand the a woman's health and her choices should be between her and her doctor. If you're against abortion, don't get one!

Another thing, people believe that a woman is not capable of being a president because women are irrational and could start a war in an instant. Haven't all the wars we had in the past been started by men?! WOMEN have said that Hilary could not be president, because a woman cannot separate their emotions from reason. I am a woman, and I can sure as hell separate my emotions from reason. I truly believe the women who support have been degraded by men in their lives. I believe that they feel that they need a man to define themselves. If being "Raised Right," means to believe that a man can do any job better than a woman is right, I choose to wrong everyday. I notice my "friends" who elected Trump are the women who rely on their boyfriends. They are the ones who go to church, but they are also sluts at the same time... Hmmm. I hope that you know you are worth more than what you voted for, maybe.

America voted for a man who openly hates gays, muslims, mexicans and minorities. I fall into the category of a minority. My "friends' who support and voted for this man have offended me. My parents are first generation American, making me a second generation American.

For the white people who say we are generalizing them calling all of them racists, sexist, etc.... Let's take a second and think about this. 9 out of 10 times I am asked by a white person, "Where are you from?" And every time I give them the same answer, "Texas." They normally look at me funny and ask again, "No, really where are you from?" Again, I feel the need to explain myself, "I am from Texas. I was born in Texas." AND THEY LOOKED AT ME SHOCKED. Just because I have yellow skin, small eyes, dark brown hair I am automatically from Asia. And no, not a specific country from Asia, just Asia because they can't see a difference.

For the people who don't care about politics... you should. Today we learned that Trump has appointed Ebell the head of the EPA. Trump and Ebell DO NOT BELIEVE in climate change. By putting Ebell in charge, we can say goodbye to clean air, because they will most likely lower restrictions on air pollution policies. Say goodbye to climate change regulation, the Paris Agreement. Say hello to privatizing national parks! I don't understand how America elected a man who does not believe in science.

To Donald Trump, I thank you. Thank you for shining the light on racism and sexism. Thank you for showing the true colors of people whom I called friends. To the American people who elected him, thank you for voting for a rapist and a racist! It shows how broken this country has become.

 And to my friends and former classmates from high school who elected Trump. It is sickening to see the amount of so-called friends who were overjoyed with our new president. You have deeply offended me by voting Trump. I am the most loyal friend you can ask for. For me to cut off friendships, says  A LOT. I will not go as far to delete you as a friend on Facebook, or even unfollow you on social media accounts, like Twitter and Instagram.--I don't believe unfriending or blocking people will help. Just know, I will not be there for you in the future like the way you were not there for me in this election by standing with Trump.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I have not done any monthly favorites this past year I feel like... maybe I did earlier, but recently I have not.
I'm sittin here in the library doing nothing, so why not!
This is my favorite thing I have bought in the past 6 months!

I am not a fan of sprays and stuff for the hair... But this made my hair so shiny and wavy. Normally I curl my hair and then it gets flat, this gave it texture.... I recommend this for the lazy girls out there like me! It also smells really good and lasts all day! Price wise.... It's expensive. It's worth the price honestly, I am not one to normally say that either. I got my first try as a sample in Birchbox.
click here to see....

I don't have a picture... but I have a link! I have been using these screen protectors since 2013 when I first got my iPhone! They sparkle and I feel like they do a much better job than other screen films I've tried and seen on others! 

click here to buy from the seller I always get mine from!

I love these phone cases! They are thin and clear too!!!!! CHECK THEM OUT... 
Con: they are from china.... so they take a while to get to you

D is for Demi


ANOTHER D on a paper for advanced comp!!!!!!!! I AM LIVID. She gave us instructions, which I followed to a T, and I got a 60.

Whatever. So now I will have to work my ass off.

Here is a list of things I need to do over my fall break....

  • Start my semester project that I should have been doing over the past two months... 
  • Start my math project that I am dreading...
  • Start my essay for Advanced Comp... UGH
  • ^I have to find a preverse topic because my professor has a sick sense of humor 

And to add to the stress...

I have picked up a job... today in fact.
I signed up to be a note taker.... Basically, I go to these classes and take notes on the lecture and then upload them onto this website for the person who will be using them. 
Each class I take notes for, I get $100 at the end of the semester... I signed up for two of them.... Hopefully I can handle this... I need the money though.
I mean, I will be going to a class on Tue/Thur and I don't even have classes that day, only a lab later in the day on Thursdays. 
But the other class is during my break on MWF.
Normally, the notetaking will take place at the beginning of the semester, not the middle of the semester... So basically I'm doing half the work for all of the cost. 
My dad says it isn't worth it, but I mean, it's free classes, and they seem interesting.
BUT, for my stress level............
UGH we will see how this goes.... 

PS... Why is it October and still 90 degrees outside?

Friday, October 14, 2016

I am a liar.

This semester has been kicking my ass. My classes are much harder than my easy breezy freshman year, and I am the biggest procrastinator. So all the posts I promised, probably won't be coming anytime soon or at all. Sorry about that, but let's get a quick update about what's going on in my life right now...

Like I said in the posts below... I met someone and let me tell you this... The train left the station and I hopped on board and then jumped off the moving train. That's all I'll tell ya.

This semester I've made an abundant amount of friends for some reason, more than I did in my freshman year. I've been trying to balance my social and academic life, and it's taken a deep toll in my academic life, so this October I've been grinding my butt off trying to get my life where I want it to be.

My hardest classes I would say is math and advanced composition.

My math class is titled "College Mathematics" and it's a lie. The class is all about statistics and surveys. Life would have been so much easier with algebra and just solving for x rather than finding all this other shit out that I don't care about. Surprisingly, I am not failing the class, just barley passing.

Advanced Comp, I am taking online. It's so hard because I have all my other classes to worry about and I cannot focus on this online one. Plus the teacher grades so hard and makes us post on blackboard discussion boards multiple times each week for a grade. AND I have never ever made a D on a paper, UNTIL THIS CLASS. She basically told me I was a bad writer. IN MY LIFE, I have never been told that, I've been told the opposite.

So with that, I have come to the conclusion that all those other teachers who told my I am a great writer, were liars, or this professor knows nothing! I've decided she knows nothing.

Other than that... my grades are okay. They are not where I'd like them to be, but they are better than a D. I was honestly expecting to see one D, but there were none, so I'm happy about that.

And here I am editing my blog when I should be working on my paper for advanced comp that is due at midnight that I have only barely started on today....

As usual, I need to get my shit together.

See you.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Anna Karenina


The first time I watched Anna Karenina, I didn't understand it all.

I didn't understand why Kitty settled for Konstantin--or rather why I thought she settled.

I craved a love like Anna and Count Vronsky--and I did not understand why Jude Law, Alexei was being such a jerk.

But after watching it again. I had it all wrong.

If you haven't ever watched Anna Karenina, the 2012 version, watch it.

Friday, September 2, 2016

I met someone...

I met someone recently... I don't want to say how--because I am not sure if this is going to grow into a friendship or anything yet really, so I don't want to say anything. But, I met someone.

He's nice. He's soft spoken, smart, ambitious, quiet, funny, awkward, nerdy, skinny, tall, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and cute.

He is the total opposite that I go for. I normally go for the dark hair and green or dark eyes. Party/loud guy, big build, broad shoulders type.

This is different from my normal talking to guys thing. I normally just talk to guys via text. Or where I can't see them (as you can see, I am emotionally unavailable.) But this time, I actually met him in person and we talked for 2 almost 3 hours.


This is TOTALLY different from that one time I went out with this guy named Albert last year around September, late September. I met him at the university, HE WAS NOT EVEN A STUDENT, he was a townie. We hung out and went to Starbucks and then took him to my dorm. He went for a hug when the night ended and then wanted to hang out again and go hiking. BUT, I honestly didn't see a a relationship forming with him, romantically and just friend wise. So I just blew him off and never saw him again... The beauty of the real world, not like high school where you have to see them every day. After talking with him and him telling me about himself, I WAS NOT ABOUT TO GO AND HIKE MT. NEBO WITH HIM.


But for now, let's see if I can be friends with this guy I just met.

*sends text, turns off phone, chucks it across the room, lays down in bed, cries, gets and picks up the phone and turns it on*

Saturday, August 27, 2016

First week of school..

Well technically, it wasn't the first week because it was only three days of school. But, it still was. I like all of my classes, except for my environmental science class.

My professor is SO into involvement of the class and group work. And we have a semester long project about how we can help the environment. Kill me now.

Granted, I am only taking this class because I need one more science class with a lab. And also, because whenever I meet Leonardo DiCaprio, I don't want to be completely unacknowledgable about the world. (That us not a word lol)

OTHER THAN THAT, I made a couple friends in my classes, you know just in case I miss class or whatever.

I love having my own dorm, not loving how there are ants in here. So far I don't see anymore from when I put vinegar everywhere last night, but still. I emailed residence life, we will see what they say. I just don't want them to come in and have me move my stuff so that they can spray everything.

I willl post more when I have time.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sophomore Year!!!!

I am officially all moved in!!

Yesterday,  my parents helped me move in. Last year, while they were here they helped me unpack and I got my room all set up. This time, we just brought my stuff in and I started to unpack later when they left. Thankfully, I know one of the girls in the building!!

After my parents left, I started to unpack and it was a mess! I started to decorate and then realized I was out of command hook sticky thingys, so I put decorating to a stop and just relaxed, then went to bed.

I woke up around 7 and then walked across the street to go pick up my textbooks. Then had breakfast and bought lunch for later. Then I went home and decorated (bc i bought command hooks at the book store). So from 10-4 I cleaned and decorated my room. It turned out really great!! I love it.. other than a few maintance problems that need to be fixed, I'm not sure when it will be done since I only put it in yesterday.  Around 5 I went to dinner with my friend and then showed her my dorm. 6 I went to Walmart through the shuttle bus and went shopping... I spent so much money!         !! !  ! AGH

But that's it. Classes start Wednesday and I will be busy!!!!

I'll post pictures soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise

Okay, first off let me just say, I am totally a Bachelor Pad fan over a Paradise fan.

But tonight I watched the episode that aired, and Ashley I.... I don't know how many times someone can cry over a crush!?

I mean, yes, sure if your a teenager whatever, but she is a grown woman! No, stop that. No boy should have that much power over you. I get that they were in season two together, but still.

Getting with someone new just to get over someone else.

Note to self: don't ever be that person...

5 days till I go back to school!

Monday, August 15, 2016

M A C B O O K circa 2006

I'm aware that I am most likely posting to myself and I am the only who is reading these posts, but there are a few comments here and there. But mostly, I like to post for myself, so I can look back on them from time to time (As stated in a previous post, about my other blog I had for some time.)


I recently (last week) bought a Macbook. It's white!!! The one I've always wanted!!! Don't get me wrong, the Macbooks today, the silver and gold (insert heart eyes x 1000) are so so so nice... but they are way out of my price range.

So i am currently typing this blogpost away with my new Macbook. It's refurbished, as of now it works okay, but hey, I mean I only got this Friday (ordered last Wednesday.)

I will give you full details and pictures (I promise) once I move into my dorm (single this year!! YES), I would now, but sadly I have to go to bed for work in the morning. Luckily, I have only three more days of work, then it's back to school for me. 

This summer has probably been the best one yet. 

Hopefully, more pictures of the summer to come, but don't count on it. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Is it too late to say sorry?

As the top of the blog says, inconsistent posts about my life. I've been so busy since I last wrote. Finals came faster than I thought it would. I moved back to Oklahoma for the Summer and moved completely out of my dorm. (I'll be getting a single this fall, yay!) I started working again, then I went on a week vacation to Minnesota (St. Paul & Minneapolis.) Then went back to work, then back on another vacation for the 4th of July to Chicago and Milwaukee to Lake Michigan and then back to Minnesota for a day or two to visit with family... (This paragraph has super bad grammar and punctuation, but I need to finish, or you will never be able to read another post!)

Now here I am off work finally writing a post for my invisible readers. Up until mid August, I will be working as much as I can to save money for text books! Yikes!

But here are a few picture from my Summer so far...


Okay, here we have Sencha Tea Bar. Avocado, so good. This was in Woodbury, MN. 

This is Sunfish Lake. I was here for a birthday party. A cute place to cook out, they even had volleyball nets all set up too. 
This has been on my list for a long time.... This is in St. Paul and it's F. Scott Fitzgerald's home! It's where his genius self wrote, This Side of Paradise!

It looks like one big house, but it's not. It's a bunch of town homes all lined up together. 


This was taken July 3. This was in St. Louis, it was super rainy and muggy all the way up to Chicago. 

Me at The Bean! It was crowded!

July 4th at the Navy Pier! You can see all the heads, I tried to crop a lot of them out, but they wanted to be seen. The Pier was so crowded, they reached max capacity at only 7 PM!

Lake Michigan from the pier. Across on the left hand side, is Lincoln Park. 

Joyyee! (Taken July 6) In New China Town. This boba is avocado, again ;) 
As you can tell, it's my fav and Oklahoma has zero boba shops that have a good avocado.
Fire works! 

My chacos! The shore line was filled with rocks, I had to wear shoes! But the rocks were so pretty because they were perfectly round. There was also a lot of sea glass. Luckily, I had my little sister with me and she has a sharp eye. 

This is the view from above the Lake. (I don't want to give away where exactly I was, because the location was so secluded.)

I don't know whether I am in a lake or an ocean in Mexico!

Last day in Chicago (7/6 sorry pics are not ordered correctly...)and spent the day at Lincoln Park and Montrose Beach. Can I say the beach was SO crowded. 

I have a ton more of pictures loaded on my Facebook profile. And I have to say after spending a week in the Windy City, I am in love.

This is it for now..... I will try to write soon!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Annoyed with myself!

I am so incredibly annoyed with myself! I last wrote in February and have not kept up since!
I was so so busy with college and now here I am back to work!

Here is what has happened since I last wrote...
Spring break--- went back to Texas and EVERYTHING is so different.
Finals and moved back to Oklahoma for the summer.
Currently working at my previous job for the summer!

AND I'm going to Minnesota next week!

I need to update and I will soon (hopefully) on my day off!!
By the way, best news ever--- 3rd book on LARA JEAN SONG!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day! A special day that only occurs every four years! I can't even remember what I spend my last Leap Day doing, but I know at the time I was a freshman in high school! Time flies. 

It's a good day since I found out I aced my Comp midterm. 

I was so nervous for him. I'm glad he finally won one. 

Happy Leap Year, and sorry I haven't been posting. As I've said before, it's been a busy semester. And I'm off to my American Studies class because this guy keeps stealing my unassigned seat!

Friday, February 12, 2016


I have been gone recently. I haven't been posting since the semester has started back up again because I have been so so so busy with school and I have a lot of things going on.

Here are a few posts I will make soon:

- my laptop troubles UGH
- how to save money on books ( my trick )
- Jan/Dec/Feb Favorites

Friday, January 15, 2016

Busy Bee...

This week was the first week back to college! And I was busy as ever! Monday, I had my classes. After my first class, I walked across the street to the Textbook Brokers store and picked up my books. I bought my books online, or I should say I rented them all for less than $150. Which is really good! I saw a girl being rung up for nearly $400 (me last semester lol). I'll do a post soon on how to get the cheapest books for college!

Tuesday was my birthday. I didn't do anything actually. I had no morning classes except for a lab at 6 in the evening. This was my first birthday I spent alone. SIGH. But as sad as that sounds, it was all okay.

Wednesday, I went to class then I took a nap and almost missed the bus to Walmart! Good thing I got up in time for the second shuttle. Just went a little grocery shopping and came home before 8 pm.

Thursday, I have no classes at all!! YAY. But it is my day to do homework and get caught up on everything or get ahead on everything. BUT my laptop kept crashing, and I'll be lucky if it doesn't crash anytime soon while I am typing this.

Friday, Class and I paid for my tuition. BLAH.

So today, I ordered online a new laptop. There were some good reviews and some bad ones. I'm not sure. I got it because it was cute, and the keyboard looks like a Macbook keyboard and I was opting for a Macbook Air BUT that would have really left me broke. So I ordered a hot pink laptop for less than $300 total with accessories.

From reading the good and bad reviews I am trying not to get my hopes up just in case it's terrible. If it is, I can always have my dad fix my computer now (the one that is crashing) since he is a computer tech. (I live three hours away from my parents so I can't have him fix it, and I need a laptop ASAP for school since I have an online class as well.)

Hopefully it will get here soon, since I paid for expedited shipping! DANG. So it better be here by next Wednesday. UGh.

We'll see. This laptop is a birthday gift to myself from myself since I didn't get anything else besides new eye contacts from my mom.

I have not done monthly favorites in a while, so I will do reviews on my new contacts versus my old contacts, my new laptop and how to get the best deal on college books!

Ta Ta!!!


Monday, January 4, 2016


As usual, I am super inconsistent with posting on here.

Since I last left you, I had Thanksgiving Break and Finals and then now I am on Winter Break.

Let me tell you, during finals week, I had nearly no sleep. Or rather my sleeping schedule was fucked up. I went to bed around noon and woke up at 10 and stayed awake. It was crazy.

As soon as I got done with finals, I went home and started working everyday. Today is my day off and I work tomorrow. 

Ah sorry, I'm so random.

I cannot believe it's already 2016. I remember when I was little, I never thought that I would reach 2016 and let alone graduate high school. It all seemed so far away from that time. 

But the time has come, and in one week I will be 19.

I never make New Year resolutions because I don't believe in waiting one whole year to start making changes. I make wishes every year for my birthday. So I will see you then, I won't be writing until next week when I get back to school!