Saturday, November 7, 2015

Essena O'Neill

(As I am typing this, I am reading this in an Australian accent like Essena O'Neill"

This past week an Instagram celebrity announced that she is quitting social media. To me it sounded like she was saying that everyone who uses social media is fake. That if you tag something, like a brand, you were getting paid. I know for a fact that's not true. Because I have tagged companies and they are not paying for I know for a fact.

As I was watching, I understood where she was coming from. But its not true for everyone using social media. She said social media is a lie, but really she was the lie.

She said so in her video that she wanted to be valued. But her version of value was being famous. Earning followers and likes. She admits that in her video. (but its now deleted from her account but uploaded from another)

She said that she has the "dream life" and that people said that she had "made it."

But she is putting absolutes in her words. Not everyone thinks that the dream life is what she had. Or that making it is what she considers making it.

Having the dream life could be simply just spending time with family. Or making it can be something like getting accepted into your dream college.

Becoming Instagram famous is not everyone's dream life, Essena.

Another point her her video: when she says that she was dating a guy more famous than her. "...I was dating a guy that was way more famous--'famous' than me, way more successful, had an amazing car, beautiful beyond words and he was fucking depressed... and I was like, you have everything"

From what she says right there, she says nothing about this said boys personality or heart. Only talks about his looks and fame and wealth. Proving that she puts fame as her value.

She says, everything she posted was edited and uploaded to get more views and more likes.

^^ Social media didn't tell her to edit this, or to get dressed up for this... I take selfies when I look good that day and I post them because I want to share with my friends, not for likes.

BUT, I understand what her message is.. She wanted to tell everyone that life isn't all perfect just from pictures.

But the thing is, social media is not a lie. It's the way you perceive it. She did in a way that made her life turn the way it did and resulted in why she made the video.

Nobody I know takes 100 shots to get a perfect bikini shot. That was her ideal of value. She wanted to be liked.  And to be perfectly honest, I didn't know of this girl until I saw her on a Facebook post.

She contradicts herself... Posting that social media is fake, yet using social media to spread this message. Yes, she deleted her social media accounts and made a website called but still, she is probably still counting those views. And if she really wanted to prove her point she would disappear from the internet in general-- not even making this website. And then even asking for donations.... That is when I lost it.

You can't say you quit social media and then ask for money. Get a real job if you need money.

^^^ from her website^^^

At first you can agree with her, yes you can take a break from social media. But don't let it take over your life like she did. And then you watch this video made by her friends, and then you don't know what to believe.

From this video, I can agree completely with these two sisters. I can understand where they are coming from and  everything they say makes Eseena seem un-credible. It's controversial to Eseena's video. This video I think, these girls were really hurt, but I can understand.

People are saying that this and that is true, but at this point we don't really know... There is always two sides of the story and when they are as different as these two, who knows what to think.

Sorry for all this ranting but here is my point:

I understand both sides.

Social media isn't the lie. It can be if you make it but you can use social media anyway you want to. She put herself in this position from her 12 year old self wanting to be wanted. Putting value in numbers.

I think the only problem is herself, and I hope she gets help because she has some serious issues with validation and her own self esteem. She discussed her personal issues to the world and blamed social media for how wrecked she is now.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Living in the Past

This is really cool to me and it's kinda lame, but the time just fell back. An hour ago it was 1 AM and now it's 1 AM again. So now its like time reversed.

Goodnight... It's already November and I still need to get my shit together.