Monday, July 20, 2015


So recently I got an old SX70 ONE STEP SONAR LAND CAMERA from an estate sale. And the camera works perfectly! 

But I bought film from The Impossible Project and it sucked!!! I don't know if I got a bad batch or it was damaged in shipping but they were horrible! 

So I emailed them and yada yada sent em all these pictures and they said okay we'll refund you. So they did refund me today. 

AND YOU KNOW WHAT I DID WITH THAT MONEY?? I spent it towards getting an iPod nano!!! Oops. 

But I guess I will use it in the long run, because recently I used my sisters Apple ID on my phone and now it won't let me download any musk for 90 days so this all works out! 

I'll post when I get my iPod and how I like it! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June obsessions

I Okay so I've been super busy working at work. 

But haven't done much this month that was interesting enough to post. But here are my June obessions. 

Bought this cute faux leather satchel from Target the other day and it was marked down as $14.98 but I went to self check out and scanned it and it was only $8.99!!!
What a deal. I felt like I stole it cause it was so cheap and cute for such a good price. And the purse is a decent size. Not too big or small for a satchel. 

And also in the picture my gel nails. That stayed in for an actual week since I'm prone to always chipping. But this is the Sally Hansen kit. It works pretty well. 

Last night around 9:30 pm was the Star of Bethlehem! Aka the Christmas star and it will lead you to Jesus' home. First time seen on earth in 2,000 years! That's pretty special. Good thing my little brother has a telescope too. 

I went to an estate sale and bought this camera for 9 dollars!!!!!!!!! It's still in great condition too! It's worth $400. 

Wow o get such great deals. 

I ordered some film for it too. So I'll see how it turns out