Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Glitter screen protectors

Okay so. What one of my biggest pet peeves is when people have air bubbles and scratches on their screen protectors!! I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to that. ( I'll try to do a post about how I put one one with out bubbles. )

Honestly for girls I have a really cute screen protecter and it has a glitter shimmer on it and it is really hard to scratch. But do you notice that other cheap ones tend to scratch easily? These don't. 

This is the one on my iPad. And the second picture is a close up. 

Then this ones my phone. iPhone 6 16g and gold. 
Here you can see the glitter shimmer 

Then the backs of my phone and iPad. 

The link above is the one I always buy and I've been using that company for 2 years just for my phone to be clear.  I ordered my iPad mini screen protector from and ebayer in China. It took about 2-3 weeks. 

Hope you find this useful. I don't have any scratches or bubbles on my protector and it was so cheap!! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May obsessions

Okay these are a few things that I've been obsessed with this past month. 

This book at target that tells you about yourself and your birthday. I forgot what it was called and it was $20.00 and I was not about to get that 

And in my last post about these books. I recommend anything by Jenny Han. Her books are fantastic. 

My iPad mini 😍😍 that I got and posted about a few weeks ago. 

My cute bracelet I made from an old shoe strap and old mismatched earrings and a little bit of super glue. It's pretty cute. 

Little cute journals I found for $5 at Marshalls and a magnifying glass for $7 

And I'm still obsessed with my Mother's Day cake I made ☺️☺️☺️

And I love this game!!! It's called the tower and is super addicting 

This is my first post about monthly obsessions. Should I do more or not?? 

Thanks for reading whoever you are. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

To All The Boys I've Loved Before REVIEW

I've been reading Jenny Hans books since I was in middle school and I recently just read this one and fell in love. Maybe even more than I did with Conrad and Belly. And last night the sequel came out and I just finished it about 10 minutes ago.

It's just such a cute story. Every girls nightmare to have such letters sent off and confessing their love to someone but Lara Jean takes it and uses it to her advantage. And creates a fake relationship with a popular guy, the works of a typical story--- but better. 

To those who've read it, I'm a little sad that the second book didn't have Josh really in it. Yeah I know he had dated her sister Margot. But I really wanted him to fight for her maybe  not end up with LJ, but just to fight.  I don't know. They just had history. Minus Margot. 

AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS LETTER? To josh?? That's why I thought the sequel was going to be based on this and more about Josh rather than bringing in John Ambrose. (What a name!!)

And yes. Peter did love Genevieve but seriously she was a bitch to Lara Jean regardless of what she was going through. That video was so mean. And aside from that being mad at Lara Jean over something that happened in 7th graf?!! Ooooh. So unforgettable. I just feel that way because I love Peter so much and how he changed and cares for  Lara Jean and even for Kitty. I just wished he stopped caring for Gen. He just does such sweet things and then he makes really dumb decisions. For one I cannot believe he knew Gen took the video and didn't say anything for a while.  

John, he should just have his own book.  I love how wholesome and good he is to everyone. And how nice he is to send letters to Lara Jean. 

I also wish that Margot was in this book a little more. And I love kitty. And I wish more of the dads dating life came up. 

I know Lara Jean left the book in a pretty great place. But I really hope this becomes a trilogy. 

And I love the covers ( I have it on iBooks but I'm planning to buy the actual one too) all of Hans book covers are always genius. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If it makes you happy

I watched Crossroads for the first time with Britney Spears in it. And I was actually a really good movie. A becoming of age movie. 

And I felt like I could relate being stuck in the middle and not knowing where I am going especially since college is around the corner. And how Lucy says she didn't ever hang out or go to football games, felt the same way but I did those things because of dance and drill team in high school, not because I just wanted to. 

I just love the part when they are going to LA and Sheryl Crows song comes on and they just sing and they look so free. And I want to just feel free like that too. 

And my gosh, than Ben is just so cute.

But today I wish he'd cut his hair and make another movie with Britney

Friday, May 8, 2015


My Asus Memo pad 7 recently broke, well the screen just stopped working. And I only recommend that tablet if you're looking for something cheap and quick. But this is just the iPad Mini 1st generation without the retina display, at first I couldn't tell the difference, but since I've had an iPhone I can definitely tell the difference between the two.

But let me tell you, the iPad is quite slow and the keyboard lags about a good 5 seconds sometimes and the system is pretty slow running on IOS 8. And the apps keep freezing sometimes and I have to close them and open them back up. I am NOT a crazy tech savvy person but it just annoys me how slow it can get.... maybe I can get it back to IOS 6.

But for what its worth, it was a deal for only $260.00 online at the Apple store.
Link below

Binge Watching

What are some good shows to watch? TV series that is... I think I've watched a majority of the favorites out there and I'm running out of which ones to watch, so I'm re watching things lol. But let me list some of my favorites.

1. The Vampire Diaries, I haven't been keeping up with the current season, because the last episode I remember was when Damon came back from the other side and Elena didn't want to see him.

and also the spin off for it, The Originals is super good, but I haven't had time to even start season 2 yet.

Image result for the originals

2. The Fosters, an all around good show to watch, especially on Netflix since all the recent episodes have been posted to watch. I'm still rooting for Brallie

The next ones are of good CW shows I used to watch back in middle school (which was forever ago)

One Tree Hill, greatest show of all to watch if you ever have nothing to do.

Secret Life, the acting is pretty terrible not going to lie, but it took me from age 13 to age 18 to finish because some episodes got pretty boring. The ending made me sad, I loved Ricky and Amy together and how much he changed his life and himself for her and John.

The O.C. was a short 4 seasons but was so good, I refused to watch season 4 without Marissa so I just watched the finale of it mainly for Ryan. Recently went to Newport Beach too, and I was missing them lol.

Image result for pretty little liars is so annoying

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Graduation gift

Sorry I haven't posted.  I've been super busy(not really) or just lazy.
But recently I've been on vacation, I went to Vegas and California ah it was awesome. Her are some pictures. 

More on my Facebook. 

First time at lake Las Vegas and it was pretty nice, the Westin resort