Thursday, March 19, 2015

One day break

Spring break 2015 was more like a one day trip. But I went to Robbers Cave in Oklahoma. Who knew it could be so pretty I thought. 

The state park is about 2 hours south of where I live. And it's really pretty!! 
That picture is on top of the cave cliffs 

There's also horseback riding and all that fun stuff. And hour ride was only $30 per person and I feel like an hour is more than enough time. My horse was freaking huge too. I wish we would have galloped ugh how I have dreamed of doing that since watching "the saddle club" growing up. Haha. 

Also went on a paddle boat for the first time and a little duck was following us!! But the lake water was really questionable. Maybe it's just because  used to cleaner ones lol. Me and my high maintenances self. 
But Robbers Cave is definitely a place you can go for last minute plans or if your short on money or just a fun family weekend! 

I have more pics on my Facebook! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Today was so nice outside today!!! 68 degrees! I love it and my backyard looks so perfect. 
Today's food
Corn on the Cobb
Red lobster biscuits I made from the box

It's spring break and I took off a couple days from work because my family is so last minute and want to go on a trip. But I don't even think we're going anymore. Ugh so annoying to me. 

But have a happy Saturday!! ☀️💖

Friday, March 13, 2015

Broken by the Broken Arrow Expressway

My dad came to pick me up from work and the car broke down on 51st and 129th by the Broken Arrow Express Way. *sigh* a little embarrassing for us since its RUSH HOUR. 

Called my sister and mom and they didn't pick up, as usual and I can tell my dad is pretty pissed. But it's okay I guess since my grandpa answered first ring and said right on the way to us. Thank goodness.
As you can see that truck moved in front of us trying to get past us. 
Sitting here for the past 20-30 minutes and NO GOOD SAMURITANS TO HELP US 4:56 pm

Literally after I said this, this man came and pushed our car to the QT across the road BY HIMSELF. But he was pretty strong looking and his shirt said he was a marine. So maybe he was. But he didn't it with me and my dad still in the car. He just ran over!! Dang. What a nice guy. Thank you to whoever you are. 
Then my grandpa (lol at his cute shirt) came and he gave us a jump. 

5:43 on our way from 51st all the way to 101st where we just died again and thankfully my grandpa followed us just in case. (BTW I'm writing this as its happening.....) 

 Hopefully we will be on our way soon. I'm so tired. And two posts in one day? Yay for me--- since I'm normally lazy and usually don't write anything. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Post grad

But Post grad I have realized a lot of things. 

Social media that I used to constantly be on I'm not on it anymore. I even made a new Instagram and Twitter because I only followed people from my old school and no one from here in Oklahoma, well minus my co workers. And Facebook people keep adding me from middle school and high school and I'm like "gosh I really just want personal people on here." But I honestly don't care to see what my former class mates have to post since they only post about school stuff or things I don't care about. 

Second thing I realized is that my life is really boring without school. I had things to talk about, like stuff that happened at school or people. But now I only work so that's all that I can talk about. And I am a cashier so I get some pretty interesting stories sometimes. But like, now I have nothing to post in Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. I used to post all the time but I rarely do. 
Like this post.... I didn't even go see a movie I just went outside to take a picture of the biggest movie theatre in Oklahoma. Haha. 

Third thing I've realized that when you finish high school or move or both in my case is that you see who truly is your friend and who isn't. 

Fourth thing I have realized is that luck has nothing to do with anything school related. Because let me just say this, I definitely BS'ed my way freshman through junior year and told myself that was luck but it was just guessing.  

And then another self realization from is that I definitely became a better person not from graduating high school but from last year. I definitely wasn't the best person ever but I decided to surround myself with better people and people that I wanted to be like to better myself. And looking back to 2 years ago when I was 16 I am not the same person. Well I am but let me say it like this, I am the same person but just with a different attitude and behavior. 

Well I should get back to work since I am supposed to be working. It's just slow right now. 
Picture of the day... Last year around this time leaving for spring break. Dallas Texas at 6 am 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Since graduating, the only think I've been really doing is working... everyday, which I don't mind since I am getting paid. And I well rather get paid 8 hours a day for working than going to school for 8 hours retaining nothing (as I did.)

But it's hard explaining to people that I graduated early. Since I moved before senior year, I honestly do not keep in touch with any of my friends from Texas. And when I explain it to people up here to why I'm not in school they look kinda confused... Well lets just say this... Things here in Oklahoma are a lot backyards than in Texas. People think I dropped out of school, haha well no. I finished early in December.

But let me break it down since NO ONE except for me understands how I did.

In Texas, the school district I was in requires 26 credits to graduate. I had already  24 credits. And to be a senior you have to have 22 credits. In Texas they count a full year course as a whole credit, and a half a year as a .5 (half credit) but sometimes you can't get full credit due to a lot of absences and tardies (people like me.)

But anyways, I moved up here, and moving here I looked at the classes I was required to take to graduate:

  • US Gov (half year)
  • Oklahoma history (which was so dang boring and hard to pay attention to) (half year)
  • Algebra (full year)
  • English 12 (full year)
  • Some fiance class that was mandatory for Broken Arrow Schools
But up here, they counted credits like this....

A full year of an english class is 2 credits, while at the end of the first semester of that same english class is only 1 credit. Weird. And to graduate up here you have to have 48 credits, (48/2=24 so technically 24) So I did the math with all of my credits, and I really only needed the credits to graduate, I didn't need any of the electives.  

So probably the 2nd week of school I went to see my counselor who opposed of my whole well thought of plan, and I never go into anything without knowing all the facts. And I had all the facts... I had everything I needed to graduate expect those classes listed above, and passed all the state tests I needed in Texas, so I was not about to waste a whole year being fakey nice to all these people for my senior year! Well the counselor strongly advised against it even when my mom called saying I could not handle it. Okay, well I told her I could I used to be able to go to practice at 6:30 am go to school till four and then sometimes for practice from 5-9 pm (boy I do not miss those days at all) but i knew I could handle it. And obviously I did.

So then when she finally Ok'ed everything, I had to take 5 online classes, that were grueling and long and learned some stuff, but not much from. I took Government, OK history, English2 semester, Alg 2 semester, and the finance class all online. They were all the second semester classes so while at school taking the first semester parts for english and algebra I was put in stupid elective classes to fill my schedule, and they were not like my old high school where if you're a senior they let you leave school early and have off periods that I have been waiting for since I was 14 and then moved to dang Okie--- sorry any way.

So some days, I would be at school for 12 hours 8 hours at school, take a bus to another school for 4 hours and do my online classes there. And it was on a website e2020, and I HATED IT.

I put a whole school years work into 3 and a 1/2 months. Dang how did I do it thinking about it now. 


But anyways I'm glad I graduated. Because I graduated with guess how much..... 62 OUT OF 48 CREDITS. Who does that?? ME.

Well I sent in my final transcript, and the next week I got my final admission letter to Arkansas Tech University! ~~ yay. 

Well dang that was the most typing I have done since school... HAHA. 

But sorry for not writing as much as I should..

And I am thinking of rerouting my career path and what I want to do.