Saturday, November 7, 2015

Essena O'Neill

(As I am typing this, I am reading this in an Australian accent like Essena O'Neill"

This past week an Instagram celebrity announced that she is quitting social media. To me it sounded like she was saying that everyone who uses social media is fake. That if you tag something, like a brand, you were getting paid. I know for a fact that's not true. Because I have tagged companies and they are not paying for I know for a fact.

As I was watching, I understood where she was coming from. But its not true for everyone using social media. She said social media is a lie, but really she was the lie.

She said so in her video that she wanted to be valued. But her version of value was being famous. Earning followers and likes. She admits that in her video. (but its now deleted from her account but uploaded from another)

She said that she has the "dream life" and that people said that she had "made it."

But she is putting absolutes in her words. Not everyone thinks that the dream life is what she had. Or that making it is what she considers making it.

Having the dream life could be simply just spending time with family. Or making it can be something like getting accepted into your dream college.

Becoming Instagram famous is not everyone's dream life, Essena.

Another point her her video: when she says that she was dating a guy more famous than her. "...I was dating a guy that was way more famous--'famous' than me, way more successful, had an amazing car, beautiful beyond words and he was fucking depressed... and I was like, you have everything"

From what she says right there, she says nothing about this said boys personality or heart. Only talks about his looks and fame and wealth. Proving that she puts fame as her value.

She says, everything she posted was edited and uploaded to get more views and more likes.

^^ Social media didn't tell her to edit this, or to get dressed up for this... I take selfies when I look good that day and I post them because I want to share with my friends, not for likes.

BUT, I understand what her message is.. She wanted to tell everyone that life isn't all perfect just from pictures.

But the thing is, social media is not a lie. It's the way you perceive it. She did in a way that made her life turn the way it did and resulted in why she made the video.

Nobody I know takes 100 shots to get a perfect bikini shot. That was her ideal of value. She wanted to be liked.  And to be perfectly honest, I didn't know of this girl until I saw her on a Facebook post.

She contradicts herself... Posting that social media is fake, yet using social media to spread this message. Yes, she deleted her social media accounts and made a website called but still, she is probably still counting those views. And if she really wanted to prove her point she would disappear from the internet in general-- not even making this website. And then even asking for donations.... That is when I lost it.

You can't say you quit social media and then ask for money. Get a real job if you need money.

^^^ from her website^^^

At first you can agree with her, yes you can take a break from social media. But don't let it take over your life like she did. And then you watch this video made by her friends, and then you don't know what to believe.

From this video, I can agree completely with these two sisters. I can understand where they are coming from and  everything they say makes Eseena seem un-credible. It's controversial to Eseena's video. This video I think, these girls were really hurt, but I can understand.

People are saying that this and that is true, but at this point we don't really know... There is always two sides of the story and when they are as different as these two, who knows what to think.

Sorry for all this ranting but here is my point:

I understand both sides.

Social media isn't the lie. It can be if you make it but you can use social media anyway you want to. She put herself in this position from her 12 year old self wanting to be wanted. Putting value in numbers.

I think the only problem is herself, and I hope she gets help because she has some serious issues with validation and her own self esteem. She discussed her personal issues to the world and blamed social media for how wrecked she is now.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Living in the Past

This is really cool to me and it's kinda lame, but the time just fell back. An hour ago it was 1 AM and now it's 1 AM again. So now its like time reversed.

Goodnight... It's already November and I still need to get my shit together.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Forgotten blog

I used to have a blog on  but I wrote it anonymously. Mainly because during that time, I felt alone and I had no one to talk to.

So I poured out what I was really feeling. Wrote in the blog posts how I was really feeling at the time. I wrote about people in my life but changed their names. I wrote about my life and hoe I was confused at the time on what I was supposed to be in life.

I went back and read what I had wrote. And those problems seem so small now. Some of those problems were just rants. A lot of them were unsolved and some of them were solved.

I had forgotten about things I wrote about. I totally forgot that I was a vegetarian for a solid two weeks. Ha ha. How worried I was about my ACT. How I did online drivers ed--totally forgot about that. How my dad lived in Oklahoma while we were still living in Texas, and we went every two weeks without seeing him. How I went to drill team banquet even after I quit. Hilarious. How I messed up on my essay for the ACT.

Here is a post that I am okay with people reading.

There were a lot of posts about me being unsure about if I was even going to get into college. But here I am now, in college. I was worried about nothing.

I'm glad I wrote those blogs. To remind me that those moments in my life when I thought I was struggling--- wasn't really a struggle at all. That I have these posts that will remind me in the future of what I was going through.

It's just a good idea for everyone. To write what they're feeling so someday they can look back and remember what they were going through.

You either love it or hate it...

Tomorrow is Halloween. Even though today is the 30th, people were still dressed up on campus.

This is my first Halloween away from home, and I think I can deal with it.

You either love it or hate it. And I hate it.

I mean, I used to love dressing up. I used to be Mulan, a cat, a witch, Po the Teletubbie. Those are the ones I can remember anyway.

This weekend I will be camped out in my dorm until the weekend is over.

But, everyone else have a safe and happy Halloween.

What are your thoughts on Halloween?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happiness is not a goal...

My thoughts on being happy....

Happiness is not a goal.

Old friends I follow on Twitter or Facebook friends always post about being happy. About how happiness is a goal of theirs. If they cannot be happy their world shuts down.

For a long time in high school, I thought that was my goal. That I needed to be happy to be alright. I wasn't happy for a long time until I quit drill team and then life turned around. But when I had being happy as a goal of mine and I obtained it. I realized I wasn't happy with being happy.

It was because I was so unhappy that I thought that being happy would make my world better, so I set it as my goal. I was happy after I quit drill team, but not for long.

I think whenever you set happiness as a goal. The word loses its meaning.

People ask you, "Are you happy with your life?" And people answer yes or no.

You should find happiness in the little things in life.

So this is what I did. I made a list.

I made a list of all the small things that made me happy in life. Stupid and silly things.

Seeing funny videos on social media. Getting a good grade on a test. Having a good hair day. Getting a letter in the mail--even if it's junk mail and finding random bobby pins that I thought I had lost.

I think it's when you find happiness in the little things every one in a while, it makes you appreciate being happy more.

Emotions aren't goals.

And when people tell me, "I just want you to be happy," I tell them, "I just want to live my life."

Because that's my goal. To live.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What kind of music do you listen to?

I don't know... Everything really.

When someone asks you what you listen to, "I don't know... Everything really." Is your answer. I always answer that anyways. 

I think it's because knowing what kind of music a person listens to, tells them everything about a person and who they are. Taking a peek at someones playlist is just the same as reading someones diary I feel like. You can see what songs they listen to the most, and maybe it has some significant meaning to them or they just like the song. You can see their guilty pleasures.  Like my iPod has a ton of Britney Spears and even some Barbie Princess and the Pauper songs. 

"I don't know" =  I don't want you to know what I listen to
For me anyway.

But here are a few good songs that I like. I like some of the songs for the meaning. Some of them, I like the way they sound and other songs got me through a rough time.

A couple of bands that I like: The Fray, Train, The Script, Carolina Liar and occasionally Fall Out Boy.
I put Birdy up there twice, because I love her music and the way it sounds. Even though Bon Iver has a better version of Skinny Love.
Tell me if you like the suggestions.

 Seriously... What kind of music do you listen to?

Monday, October 26, 2015

October {OBSESSIONS} Favorites

I know it's still October, but it is the end of the month-- so I'm going to do my October favorites now...

October Obsessions

(I like the repetition of the O's)

I am obsessed with iOS 9.1 update for the iPhone.
New emojis and everything. Mostly just the emojjis themself not the update.
They finally have a sunglasses emojji AND FINALLY THE MIDDLE FINGER ATLAS.

I've also taken up a new hobby of hand lettering sketches. I'm still pretty rough at it compared to the pros. But I like them so far. 
So far I've only been doing quotes and inspirational shit, but the ones I'm going to post, are just the ones that look prettier than the other ones. 

And yes, they're both F. Scott Fitzgerald, the first one from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Great Gatsby.

And totally random... But I recently tried this new soup and I'm obsessed. Probably really unhealthy and it's a little expensive for a college student but yum.

ALSO. Halloween is this Saturday, what are your plans?

Interesting costume ideas?

I'll try to make a post about that if I have time.

Good Day!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Still Waiting for Sweater Weather...

How is it already almost Halloween and November is just creeping around the corner next Sunday? Let me tell you I am happy about next Sunday. Daylight savings is over and we can fall back one hour. Hallelujah. One more hour of sleep. :)

I've been busy and these posts have been inconsistent. I've been writing essays, taking midterms and all that college type stuff. And I finally saw my family for the first time in two months last weekend for Fall break. It was the longest time I've been apart from them, but it wasn't too  miserable. (that sounds bad but it's my truth.)

Here are some pictures I took of campus truly turning into fall. 

Straight off the steps of the campus library.

I pass this tree MWT for my first class at the building up ahead and I was running late, so I thought I might as well snap a picture of this gorgeous tree. I need to go and steal a leaf off the ground. I've never seen such a pretty orange. 
Last night, I had an early dinner and grabbed a coffee from the caf. It isn't really a rainy day without a cup of coffee, right? It's been raining recently and I suspect it's from the Hurricane Patricia. Pray for Mexico. I haven't been updated on that news yet. 

Time has flown by this semester, this time next month I'll be home again and then it'll be December. Ah. Time slow time so I can take it all in. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

September Favorites

I don't know how September flew so fast, but it did. I need to get my shit together because I've just been bumping along.

But there is not much for my favorites for September but a couple of things.

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic nail polish is the greatest! It matches with pretty much everything too. Plus I've been taking biotin pills and it has made my nails stronger and the polish actually stays on!

These chacos, I've been obsessed with, as you can tell from my last post. I've been wearing them daily. I can say they are a great investment.

LILY. I love these planners. They are so cute that they motivate me to be organized. This is the one that I have but I won't post a picture of what I actually wrote in mine because some of it's kind of crazy. It's $28 dollars I think--- I know freaking expensive but it's worth it!

Image result for white chocolate macadamia cookies with peanut butter

ALSO PEANUT BUTTER ON TOP OF WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUTS ARE  MY FAVE SNACK. Totally unhealthy but its soososoosososooso good. Let me be more specific.. Put peanut butter on the cookie and eat it, not with it baked

By the way, someone emailed me asking if I was paid to praise these items that are big brands that are on my faves list, and let me tell you I am not! I wish I was though! I am just telling people who read this what are my favorites and what I like, not promoting it for money or whatever. But that's it!

I was supposed to start writing my essay for my comp class hours ago, but I've been on a TVD marathon trying to catch up since it's coming back Thursday. I haven't kept up because I liked Klaus and the original family and wished they would have stayed on, yay they have their own show, but I liked when they were on TVD. So I have not kept up until this past weekend when I pulled an all nighter for that. Wow I need to get my priorities straight.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thursday Afternoons...

I can't believe I've been in college for a month now.  It has been a fun change in my life.

Thursday afternoon, I went canoeing and kayaking with 3 friends. Originally we were going to have 2 kayaks and 1 canoe, but they were bigger than we anticipated. And we had to strap the boats onto the car ourselves! The guy from the recreation center didn't even help us, he just watched! What a man!

The lake is a good 10 minute drive from the university.

The green one is the canoe and red is the kayak. It was actually a lot easier on the kayak than I thought. It was really hard to keep us balanced on the canoe and it was super easy on the kayak. 

And there it is... chacos on my feet. Yes, I gave into the mainstream and bought some. They are a good investment though, because they are actually very comfortable to trudge along campus with them... Yes they are hiking shoes or whatever, people complain about them, but who cares? Because they're comfortable as heck!

Up ahead above the tree line, there is Nuclear One. Is this lake water even safe? lol. 

Overall, this was a fun experience. I am glad I went because I was skeptical at first. But it was worth it. But.... Here is my advice, go with boys and go with people who have a big truck that can haul as many as you need! It's hard strapping them on your car with only having 4 weak girls!

okay let's talk about these chacos... 

 I bought them because my sandals that I had here were starting to break and it was only a matter of time before they turned unwearable. So I had to buy quality sandals that are going to last.

I bought mine off the Chaco website for only $75.99 with free shipping! Compared to all the other prices, some going as high as $150-200, it was a deal. Besides I like the design.

The ones I bought weren't the normal ones, they are called Updraft in violet rings something..
But this is how the shoe looks. You have to walk around in them for a good day to really break them in and your feet will work with the shoe. click here for the shoes 

Chaco - Updraft Ecotread (Women's) - Violet Rings S996116
Overall, I'm happy with my Chaco purchase. And this week was a very productive week, aced a test without studying for it, turned in my first essay, went to Zumba, went to the lake and somewhat finished my math homework, and hung out with my friend and had a movie night with a couple of guys in our dorm hall!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Adjusting to new things...

Sorry I've been incredibly busy writing papers, doing homework, going to labs, hanging out with friends, studying for tests and taking quizzes!

I've been a college freshman for almost a month now. It's the longest time I've been away from my family too. But I've come accustomed to my new schedule and routine for my new life in college.

My classes start at 9 am (thank God) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 3 classes and my day ends by 12 pm then I have lunch with my friends at the caf. I even left my last class 10 minutes early today. And occasional labs I have to attend for Spanish, on the day of my choice! I get to choose.

It's strange because we're not used to it. Since in high school we're put on such a leash. You can't go to the bathroom without permission. You can't be in the hall without a pass. You can't arrive late to class without a tardy slip. You can leave class early. You can not go to class if you want to (but you should because you might get dropped.)

Tuesdays my day starts at 9:30 am and I have 2 classes. 1 from 930-1050 and another from 1-220. So I have a little lunch break or I use it to study for my next class at 1. Then after 2 pm a lot of the days, I'm free.

It's crazy to me because I'm so used to coming straight home and doing my homework done all in one night since it's normally due the next day. But college is a beautiful thing where it's due every other day for the most part. And your professor gives you a syllabus that tells you everything your doing and when things are do not off book like a lot of high school teachers do.

I am glad to say that I have adjusted to college life... so far!

And update since I can't write a super long post about life since I'm working on an English essay!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Note to High School Juniors...

People say that your senior year of high school is the most crucial. Which it is important. But I think it's not. It's your junior year that is pretty important. It's your last year to impress your teachers so that they hopefully will give you the best recommendation letters. And it's your last chance to get good grades to show on your transcript.

I was lucky and got my act together junior year after fooling around the first two years. I worked really hard and got accepted into college before my senior year even started. (but my senior year wasn't breezy schoolwork wise since I graduated early and had a shit to do) Luckily, I did not have to worry about what I was going to do post high school.. I was stress free in that department.

Here is a list that high school juniors should follow....... That personally helped me.

1. Get your work done, and do it with care. 
Do your hand outs your teachers give you. And do it and give it a 100%. Yes, we have all BS'ed them and turned in whatever just to fill in the blanks. But do it. Do it and get it done early.

2. Start narrowing down colleges. 
We are lucky we have technology where we can quickly search up a college on Google. Start looking up potential schools you want to go to and look at their admission requirements. This is CRUCIAL. Looking at this will tell you if you have a chance of being accepted or not. Look at things that say what GPA you need, what ACT/SAT scores you need and if the counter with your GPA saying you only need to make a certain score. Consider the tuition costs for in and out of state residents.

I cannot stress this enough. Take you ACT OR SAT JUNIOR YEAR. Here is the advantage of taking it now: You know what you score so therefore you will have an idea of what kind of colleges your looking at or if you need to improve. TAKE IT TWICE. Take it twice (yes I know it costs money) because you might get a better score (or maybe not) it's worth a shot. Especially since some schools give scholarships to people who get a certain score.

*** another reason to take it twice***
Each subject is given a subscore... make sure the score you get is a score for college ready classes, otherwise you will have to take a remedial class your first semester that normally doesn't count towards your graduation hours... So you are spending about $1,000.00 for nothing! If you don't want to take the whole test again you can also take the COMPASS test at a local college wherever you live! And it's not timed unlike the ACT.

When you are signing up to take your test, make sure you have at least 3-4 colleges narrowed down so you can send your scores to that school for free. If not, you have to pay $12 for each school you send your score to. Most colleges want an official score from ACT not the one where you can print off your score and mail it.

4. Make sure your grades are looking good and get your act together!!!!!
Doing all this sounds stressful, and it is at the time but makes sure you are really doing well in school. If you don't understand something, ask. Go to tutorials or pay attention in class. I did the bare minimum freshman and sophomore year just to stay eligible for sports with B's and C's and only A's with my goof off class and dance, (obviously there was a problem for me.)

Doing everything to just pass those first two years, I really had to get my act together. I did all my work and asked for help when I needed it and really tried to concentrate on my studies and I made all A's. And it bumped my GPA up tremendously.

Your class rank is important! Freshman year I was 381/621 and junior year I was 211/612. (Yes, it's not the highest) It's kind of a big difference. I am not the smartest person ever--- but to me that was pretty darn good. You want your GPA to look good on your transcript at the end of junior year. (But hey, when I moved senior year my class grew 500 more and I was 121/1,011!!!!!)

5. Actually care about your finals in high school.
 I did not give a flying tuck about finals in high school. I just went to class and hoped for the best. Finals are 20-15% of your final grade for the semester, it can make your break you!

6. Keep an eye on your transcript in the mail.
It normally takes a while after school gets out for transcripts to be ready. You can start to apply for colleges as soon as you get it because from what I know, most schools require you to have 6 semesters worth of work to go with your application.

7. Check requirements, again!
Really check requirements for the colleges you want to go in. Hopefully you have narrowed down where you want to go. Sometimes you could be a shoe in having all the requirements you need or maybe you need to work on it. Just make sure by now you have everything above checked off your to do list. Email the college recruiters if you have any questions! They will help! They want you to go to their school and take your money!

8. Ask for recommendation letters. 
Okay... It's pretty self explanatory... Ask teachers who like you to write your letter. Teachers that really know you and you know they will write a good letter. Most times, because they will seal it in an envelope and send it to whomever it is for. So you won't know what they say! (Unless you read it because that's what I did to a letter from a coach and I though she was going to write a good letter, BUT SHE DIDN'T SO BE CAREFUL) Some schools require these, and some don't, so look into what you need.

9. Send your applications in as soon as possible
If you have everything you need lined up by the end of your junior year, get your applications ready to send off! Check all your requirements again to make sure you have everything. Pay your application fee is there is one, write your admissions essay if one is needed, sometimes its not.  Look out for when applications for the semester you are applying for is open.

For example... I was applying for Fall 2015 and the application opened May 2014. So check when it opens AND when it closes.

Try to send your app before your senior year starts if you can! If not... try to send it in the 1st semester of your senior year of high school!

Most schools will reply with your letter of acceptance 3-2 months after you send it in. So keep a look out in the mail.

Hope you find this helpful, because doing these things my junior year made my senior year easy in the department of what to do post high school. This way, you do not have to worry about a thing and during Thanksgiving dinner when all your relatives come to town you can say that you have it down!

Monday, September 7, 2015

People say you will miss the little things....

People will tell you that you will regret everything you didn't do in high school...

I used to think that I had absolutely no regrets up until recently. This weekend I spent it alone thinking about everything that has happened in my life (not much yet.) But this is the Google definition of regret.

But people can't tell you what you will and won't regret. You have to experience it all yourself and decide. 

I started this blog in December of 2013 but I never posted anything. I made it around that time because I was going back and forth over the idea of quitting drill team. So I thought I'd post about it. But then I chickened out because I didn't want people to know what I was thinking. So I made anonymous blog on the website and it got some hits there surprisingly.  Okay besides that, the point is, if you have been following this blog since I started it you know a little about me. That I moved from Texas to Oklahoma, I got accepted into college as soon as school got out so then it led me to decide to graduate high school early, which I did.

Onto my point of this post... People say that you will miss the little things, and I thought nothing of it ( which is still somewhat true.) But here are a few things I don't and do regret.

I don't regret quitting drill team one bit. It was the biggest decision of my life at that moment because all of high school it was the only thing I had known. But I don't regret quitting because it didn't make me happy anymore. It was physically and mentally exhausting. From practice at 7 am sharp till 9 am, then 8 hours of school, and depending on the time of the year practice after school, sometimes 6-9 pm. Due to being  unhappy and having constant chronic pain to my shoulder from an injury even though I was being treated at the time too, I quit. For the third time of my saying it, I don't regret it. But I do regret the times in drill team where I dreaded practices and football games, where I dreaded spending my Thursday nights with a bunch of girls at practice with drama in the air, when I slept in between dances on Saturday competitions when I should have been cheering my team mates on, and when I actually dreaded team trips because we had almost not even a second to relax when I should have been soaking up the fun and everyone. I should have taken all those moments in to remember them because half the time I have to really think about them to remember something that happened. I don't regret quitting, but I regret not cherishing the moments. It's where you miss the memories, not the thing itself.

Another thing I regret from dance was spending all that money from my parents needing useless costumes....

Onto the next subject of regret. People say soak up the high school experience. The homecoming dances, the clubs, prom, graduation, football games, basketball games, and get drunk at parties. 

 When I left my high school in Texas, I felt like I graduated from it because I was barely in school the following year. I remember the day I left clearly. I skipped out on English class because we had taken the final a week earlier and I called my sister who was already out of college for the year to pick me up. It was a substitute for that class and I lied and said I had to go take another final. She let me go and I walked right out the class past the office and even past the principals who were in there office who looked at me and didn't even stop me and walked right on through the front doors. I don't regret doing that at all... Haha. (they really needed to enforce the security)  But I do regret not saying goodbye to anyone. Because I really didn't say goodbye to anyone at all. Maybe a text message or two I got from a couple of people and I messaged back saying "yeah I'll miss you too" whether I meant it or not. But you should always say goodbye, whether you mean it or not. Because like me, you'll look back and say, "what was I thinking?" That chapter in my life is definitely closed, and is never going to be opened again, because there's no fixing those regrets. 

Senior year especially people emphasize on really taking the high school experience in. But that doesn't count for me. New school, new kid, SENIOR year. I could definitely bull shitted my way through senior year and made friends for the time being and soaked up the fun with that situation but I didn't. And I have no regrets about it. I was in school senior year for about 3 months, maybe a little more. But 3 whole months yes. It was the most horrible months of my life, but that's okay because the 9 months after were freaking bliss. I went to school 8 hours a day, then another 4 hours at night. 12 hours total. 8 am to 8 pm. Yeah, my brain was pretty much fried. I literally had no time to relax either, because on weekends I was working. Obviously this hard work paid off since in January I didn't have to go back to school.

Also senior prom... Didn't go to that. I have never had a desire to go to prom, (only once when I was a sophomore and I thought this senior at the time was smokin') But I didn't want to go to my prom. I have no regrets about not going to prom.

Image result for clip art prom corsage

GRADUATION... Did I walk and receive a fake diploma for the time being??? NOPE. And I have no regrets... My senior year of high school the graduating class was 1,611. I was not about to sit through that with a bunch of people I didn't even know or grew up with just to wait for them to call my name. Even so, if I was still at my school in Texas, I would have done the same and not go. The school counselor kept calling me and leaving voicemail urging me to walk. 

Image result for graduation

This last one is the one I regret the most... 

I regret being friends with all the wrong people during high school and in middle school. Yes, we have all heard the quote that you will not walk out with the same friends whom you walked in with. Yes, you are the luckiest person if you did and you beat the statistic, but most times not. 

Some of the people I was friends with were TOXIC people. Fake and would tell me things about one person and I would listen and they'd go off with that one person who they were just talking about and be best friends with them. Story of my life the two and a half years I was on drill team. Aside from that I was friends with other people who never did their school work, and yes it sometimes rubbed off on me and I cut them off as soon as I found myself slacking. But I wish I would have been friends with good and genuine people. People who were smart and encouraged each other. But at least I can say I keep in touch with a good few. I should have surrounded myself with positive people. 

I guess some people can read this and say, "I did everything in high school and don't regret a thing" or maybe some people can relate to my situation or maybe people regret all of high school. But no one can tell you at the time whether or not you will regret it at the time, you'll know if you regret it after time has passed. So you will just have to do what you think is best for you.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Picture dorm tour

Okay finally it's Labor Day weekend and I am spending the day relaxing and tomorrow I will do all my studying and reading I need to do. 

This is a picture tour of my dorm room. I am in a double but I am not going to show my room mates side though, because that's a little too weird haha. 

Okay this is a canvas I painted and made myself. It's a DIY. You can pretty much buy canvases anywhere now. This one was just at home and I bought acrylic paint from target for $1.99 each. I made 3 of these to hand pictures on. 

Command hooks are ESSENTIAL. Most dorms have brick walls so you can tack things down to the wall and tape is only however strong. You can buy command hooks at Walmart. My walls were normal but they were damaged pretty badly from whoever was in this dorm before me. But these are very helpful if you are planning on decorating the walls of your dorm room

This is my desk and its a little messy. And yes I was watching Greys. 
I have a 3 drawer organizer $5 from Walmart. Mini fan from Walmart $6. And the lamp was mine from home. 

First drawer I have my school supplies and extra tape and nail polish. It's my misc drawer

  My desk doubles as my vanity because I don't like bathroom lights and I use the natural light from the window. I have my makeup caddy, my brushes, mirror and some medicine in this drawer. I store  the caddy in here because I don't want it lying around my room.

Bottom drawer. Extra command hooks, straws, plastic plates, silverware, and trash liners. Basically home necessities. 

There is another view of my desk area.

Okay here is another view. My fridge is the black one and to the right is the ac/heat. My roommates TV stands on the window sill since the cable is by my bed.
My side of the window I keep an extra power surge. I have a little chalk board easel from Michaels. A clip on lamp because I hate the dorm lighting. And some movies and books. 

I also have a scensty type thing next to my easel. I got it from Walmart with the lamp and 4 scents.
I have my bed raised to the highest it can be so that I can have a lot of storage. From left to right I have a step stool to get on my bed. Pop up hamper for my dirty clothes. Round basket for my towels. Far back tub has my extra bedding for when I wash the ones I'm using now. The 2nd tub is wear my shoes are. There isn't much storage for shoes so I keep them there wish does save space. Drinks as you can see are there too. 
I also have the little push lights down there since i can't see anything under there.

Inside of my fridge. I got it at Walmart for $140. With tax. And I love it because it's a two door. 

This is the corner exit of the dorm. This is a message board I hung for my and my roommate for messages and I have a small command hook for my keys right next to the door so I don't forget them because I've already locked myself out once.
This is my dresser---super messy. It's pretty self explanatory I'm not going to explain it. Haha. 
Command hooks for necklaces and one umbrella since it rains here. 

Top of my dresser. Blue basket is cups and plastic wear. White basket is food and what not. And the pink cube from the pictures above have extra throw blankets.

Yay for private bathrooms. I just share with my roommate. The rugs I bought from  Walmart.
Shelf space!!

My side of the sink and my coffee maker 

Shower and shower shoes. I wear them even though I am in a private!
Here is an overview after I just moved in.

Hope you enjoyed reading!! ❤️❤️

Should I make a post about what is essential for taking with you to college?