Sunday, September 7, 2014

Senior Year

Senior year has been pretty blah so far. All summer I worked and now it's like I work all the time and then I also have school on top of that.

And I am trying to graduate early since I almost have all my credits.  I turned in my forms and everything and even paid for two online classes for my second semester english class and algebra 2 class. Wish me luck, I need it especially since I  will be taking 5 online classes that I have to finish in 103 days.. aka a little less than 4 months. I have to be finished by December 19th.

December 19th please take your time.

After I graduate (hopefully early) I am going to work full time and save up for college since I got accepted early to Arkansas Tech University! (not sure if i mentioned that before.)
But yay !!!

These next months are going to be stressful.

Now back to writing my essay for english class. eugh...