Friday, July 25, 2014

Giving in to shopping...

Well I decided to buy the agenda... but I bought the one that was $22... and with free shipping, thank goodness. And then I did more shopping online.

Gosh I hate myself. But it's okay, I got my paycheck today, but my plan is to go shopping tomorrow..

Then again, there is nothing to do much in Oklahoma but to spend money... life here has been boring so far, since all I do is work. The only thing I did near fun was go out with all of my co-workers last night at IHOP, it was pretty fun... I guess I got to know all of them a little better, since I just started there, and they have all been working together there forever. But it's okay.

This school year, I don't know how I am going to work there.. It's such a far drive... I live on 131st and my work is on 31st... so a 100 streets away.

Maybe I can just work there on weekends and then somewhere closer after school ( if I can handle it) maybe at Cato.

Speaking of school for senior year,  I have to get hepatitis shot... and I HATE NEEDLES AND DOCTORS. But then again I need to get it updated so I can send the records to A tech for college.

And speaking of doctors, I have weird bumps on my face, (maybe mosquito bites) and I feel em' on my back now.. So I should go take care of it.

PS I should find out if they have a shopaholic group meeting, like AA undercover. LOL. Night.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

So I am incredibly tired, but it's worth it all right?

So with my new job...

I was able to buy myself a tablet! Thank goodness since my phone is crazy and has been dropped in water so many times so therefore the mic won't work.

So I looked online and did some research, and I found the ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7. I was watching youtube and reading reviews over it, and people said it was good, for the price. I am not to keen on tech stuff and little stuff they were saying that bothered them, don't really bother me that much.... So far, I love it.

I bought mine at Walmart for only $124.00, you can get the warranty for $29 but, I passed. I got the blue tablet, I wanted to get the white one, but blue is all they had, but the blue let me tell you, basically looked black, because it's navy. Its only navy on the back side of the tablet. 

So far, like I said I love it, and hopefully it was a good investment, since it was a lot cheaper  than other tablets and a lot more affordable than an iPad mini. 

click here to see on walmart search page :)

This is how it looks, hopefully I can use it for school this year. 

Also, I have been looking at Lily Pulitzer agendas, and they are so cute but, are they worth it...? I have been thinking of getting one just to see... Maybe once I get my paycheck next Friday, since I worked 43 hours the past two weeks, and worked this whole week (including tomorrow whew). 

They look pretty cute no?

Hopefully I can get one.... but $28 just for an agenda.. eh pricey for that.

Check out the link below to see the website.