Thursday, May 29, 2014

New room to paint

Too many colors 

Trying to pick on a color of paint to my my new room. Well me and my little sisters new room. 

It's a fairly big room, and it's big enough for the two of us. Just hopefully we can keep it clean and tidy. 

We decided on purple and a beige (I'm hoping she'll come through with gold)

Like those colors... 

Sorry this picture is from Instagram and they look pink, but I assure you they are shades if purple. 

And then my sister also wants to paint out bathroom (in our room(yes!!!!)) tiffany blue. Ehh hopefully, hopefully I can talk her out of that an we can go with.a purple to stick with the same color scheme. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY: Quick flower head piece

DIY: Flower head piece-- with real flowers! 

I've been seeing a lot of people wearing those flower head pieces in their senior shots or just pictures in general.

Today, my mom was throwing out her Mother's Day flowers since we were going out of town that evening and I found a perfect opportunity to make a flower head piece from real flowers--so just incase your on the to, or doing a photoshoot, you can easily find some nearby wild flowers and take a cool picture with this on! 

Above is the bouquet of flowers that I used, first you will need to size the stem of the flowers you are going to be using 

Leave about 2 1/2 inches of the stem left over 

Next, use your nail and puncture a hole on the middle of the stem. * leaving just a hole so the other stems will not fall apart 

Now you can take another flower and use the stem as if it is a thread going into the head of the needle like pictured abouve 

Next you want to pull the stem to whee that flower will meet the stem that holds it 

 After a while it should start to make an arch form and the flowers should all be attached 

Continue to do the same until you have made a complete circle 

Now you have a perfect head piece made of real flowers you can keep for the time being! (Better than paying for one, since this looks a lot prettier!) 
And here is my model, Summer, my little sister.  

 Hope you found this helpful, and hopefully can reference this in the future!

Earlier this evening on the way to Oklahoma to see my family's new house! We just got here an hour ago maybe. And tomorrow is the first time I get to see the house! 

Thanks for reading! 

DIY: Perfect French tip

DIY: The perfect French tip manicure

I have gotten my nails done only once, the acrylic fake ones, they looked awesome but theh costed $30. And me personally, I am never going to spend that much money a month just for some nails. 

  But tell me the truth, don't these nails above look like she got them done at a salon? They look awesome! And I did it in the most simplest, cheapest way possible! 

Here is how you can get this simple French manicure...

What you'll need: 

-Nail polish remover
-An old make up brush (eye shadow one works the best)
-white nail polish
-clear nail polish

Fill the cap of the nail polish remover with the nail polish remover so you can dip in your brush easily.

Make sure your nails are clear of any other polish and file your nails to the length or shape you desire.

When starting... 

Paint the tip of your nail going in an upward motion ( like seen in the picture above) do this to all of your nails.

It's okay if it's messy and uneven you can fix it later ( see below)

Next you dip your make up brush into the cup of nail polish remover 

Now once dipped, from side to side you can clean the edge into a curved edge. 
Do this to all of your nails to however long you want your white tip to be 

After cleaning up the edges, take a smaller brush and clean up the excess white around the edges of your fingers

 After doings so, you can paint a clear coat over your nail. I personally do two coats of clear after doing the first set.

*Instead of using a clear coat you can do a white glitter on the naked end of your nail-- then wait for the paint to dry and then paint a top coat if clear. 

This is a easy way for an awesome manicure. It looks so great when I do it people are surprised when I tell them I do my own nails!! 

Sorry for the blurry pictures! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to get free music for your iPhone with NO CATCHES

How to get your free music on you iPhone without paying anything!

Most people pay $1.29, .99, or even 14.99 for a whole album on iTunes, when really if you got music the way I did, you would have all the music you wanted for free!

Or most people use apps like "iTube" but using all those apps require data, and people like me, I have a 10G plan shared with my family, so I never want to go over the limit.

I don't have a crazy playlist of songs with 500 songs, I have probably 200 or less, but I have about 95% downloaded for free, the other 5% downloaded last minute because I was so desperate for that song right then and there.

Go to this link posted above, and download it.

When you see this screen, press download, and then you will come soon to find this pop up after it loads..

After accepting all the terms and agreements, yada yada yada and it should finish installing.

When you open up the application, this should be what you see,

All you have to do is go on youtube, and copy the URL on the web address, and cut and paste it on this application, and it should download to your "download" file (if you have a windows 7, which I do)

From here, now you can go on YouTube and pick your song you want to download

Copy the URL and paste it into the application
Now you can click download (it's the downward arrow button)

After your music you will here a little tone notifying you that it has downloaded, and as it does that, your iTunes from your computer should pop up.

From here, all you need to to is connect your iPhone to your laptop/computer and sync your music (make sure the songs you want are checked in the little box)

This is how I download music for free, and it's the easiest way possible!
Now you can listen to your music on your phone knowing that you didn't have to pay a dollar for every song you play!

And plus, now you have these songs down on your computer to play too.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY Old T Shirt Quilt

How to make use of your old t shirts

After being on drill team for all of my freshman, sophomore, and half of my junior year, I had a numerous amount of tshirts. Some of them had stains and holes and shrunk from all the washes over the past 2 1/2 years. (the blanket is actually a lot bigger than what it appears to be in this picture posted above.)

So at a spur of the moment decision I decided to cut all of my tshirts up and turn it into a quilt. It only took me a day to make it.

The way I did it was for FREE. Most people who want things like this done, get it done professionally, but I think when you make it your self it makes it even more special.

What you'll need:
-Old t shirts that you know you will never wear again (I used about less than 20 using both front and back of the t shirts)
-A blanket large enough to cover the t shirts (I used an old soft blanket that used to lie around in the living room just because.)
-A sewing machine, or you could hand stitch it, but that would take forever, I used a sewing machine, I recommend it but only if you know how to use it.
-Thread that matches (I used black.)
What you need to do:
-Cut up t shirts in square shapes, where you get the part of the tshirt you want ( I recommend to cut a little larger, because once you stitch it together they become smaller.)

-Figure out how you want to arrange the t shirts

-Pin the t shirts with the "Right sides together"-- meaning that the outside of the tshirt will face the other t shirt as you start to sew them together.

- Prepare sewing machine (bobbin, and then thread the machine)

-Sew along the edges, using about a quarter of an inch away from the cutting edge

Once you have sewn your shirts together, 

-Check for any holes or opening because if later found, you will have to hand stitch it (Which is harder when the blanket is sewn all together.)

-Lay out the blanket you want on the outside for the opposite side of your quilt flat on the ground

-Align t shirt quilt and blanket with "right sides together" (therefore meaning that they are inside out(which that may be confusing reading it, but once you lay it out and do it, it will make perfect sense in why you do that))

-Pin the edges together, and cut excess of the blanket (if there is any, but don't cut off to much)

-Now you can begin sewing the edges like you did before with the quilt.

-Sew around all the edges, until you get to at least one t shirt square away from the close and turn your blanket inside out.

-You then will have to hand stitch the rest

Then there you have a perfect home made blanket that you made yourself. It really sound like a lot of work, but in the end for my blanket it's nearly worth a $250+ blanket with all the added costs of the t shirts over time.

I hope that you will read this and try this out with your old t shirts. My blanket it really soft because of how some of the shirts are really old and over washed!

Ask me any questions!

Here are some pictures of me wearing some of these shirts from my freshman and sophomore year of high school! (notice: these pics are from FRESHMAN year...)

* I used a sewing machine from walmart that my mom bought for less than $100 (the original price was $300+

Thanks for reading! :)