Tuesday, July 10, 2018


It's here! The trailer. The long awaited trailer!!!!!!!! I am still disappointed with the cast and the film so far looks like nothing I imagined.... Ugh, I should just be happy that it became a movie.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


So, these photos are from June 29 - July 1. I didn't take any photos really in Minnesota, except for the mall. Most of these photos were taken in Des Moines. 

Our first day on the road... This is Kansas City, the drive is 10 hours!

We got to St. Paul around 830 pm, so there wasn't that much to do so we went to the mall for the last hour and had dinner. We also got to witness a Nickelodeon concert, and that was something...  

Here we are, at the festival. It wasn't as big as it was when I went when I was 14, which was about seven year ago (omg I am old!). I felt that there was so many more booths and sports going on. My mom met with her friends for the first time in 20 year... and my god--they were clones of her. Listening to them talk and reminisce was H I L A R I O U S. They also told us such crazy stories about her too, lol. 

This potato stick has been on my bucket list for a while! It was so good, but so expensive! Five freaking dollars!

So, those pictures were from Saturday. On Sunday, we checked out of the hotel and went to Hmong Village and ate, and then we went to Des Moines. Oh, also, we had some Bruegger's bagels, so good!

The capital of Des Moines is so pretty! These were taken on Monday. The dome is covered in gold, too! It was nice for my mom to show us around where she used to hang out. 

Botanical Gardens... so pretty and we went inside just to use the bathroom, lol. 

This must be the place! Where the bachelor, Chris Soules's mural is, too bad they are no longer engaged! 

This is just a quick recap of the trip. I am exhausted since I am currently still on another trip right now--this trip that I am on now is much more exhausting and I actually have to be on my best behavior... 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Amdist Vacation...

Hello, readers, if any even...

I am currently on vacation, again. Last week, my mom, my sisters and I drove 10 hours to Minnesota for the Freedom Festival. We got back on Monday night, I went to work Tuesday, and then my aunt, who is also my boss asked me to go with her to Wisconsin so that I could keep her company since no one could go with her. So, Wednesday, I left again and I won't be home until next Tuesday.

So I guess each vacation post will be separate since I have two sets of pictures. I'm sitting in the hotel room now getting ready for the day.

As for summer school, I am finally finished. Final grades don't go out until next week though.

Okay, off to get ready now.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Excuses, excuses...

So, here I go... Here are my excuses to why I have been so absent on my blog when I was being so consistent the past three months. 

First... Summer has started and my job has started and I'm busy working, not too much, but not enough.

Second... I have summer classes. Boo, I know. But this is week 4, and I have one more week left! Sadly, I will have to work on them while on vacation.

Third... not really a reason, but I am going out of town this weekend (and I went out of town today to OKC). 

So those are my reasons!

Also, for future posts that I need to work on....

I FINALLY got a Macbook Air!!!!
My dad got his citizenship!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Book Review: 99 Days

I read 99 Days last summer and fell in love with both Donnelly boys, had a love/hate relationship with Molly Barlow, and desperately wanted to live near a lake--oh wait, I do in Arkansas, lol!
Image result for 99 days
Here's my review or reaction to the book:

Well, to start, I love how the chapters are the days of the summer and we move through it pretty quickly. It's hard to like Molly at first because of her constant self-deprecation because she knows she's done people wrong, and she is constantly in this state of self sabotage.

However, I love how the author is a feminist, and in the end, Molly doesn't really end up with anyone but accepting herself. It is a good read for the summer since that is where it takes place, but I was still so torn between Patrick and Gabe. I felt that there was so much more passion and chemistry with Patrick than with Gabe. But I think I only feel that way was because of the situation they were in--she was dating Gabe when fooling around with Patrick. Because, from what the reader sees when Patrick and Molly are together, he's kind of a jerk.
Image result for 99 days
The cover and inside of this book are so aesthetically pleasing!

This novel is pretty much a stand-alone, but I am SO glad there was a sequel.

It was a funny thing. I had an urge to read 99 Days again a week before finals. Since I didn't have my actual copy with me at school, I went on iBooks, and I found THE SEQUEL: 9 Days and 9 Nights on complete accident, and it was coming out in two days--and best believe that I read the book the night it came out. (Thankfully I was done with all of my essays that night, so at midnight, I went ham on the book.) I think I finished it in 4 hours. 

Image result for 9 days and 9 nights

Ugh, I'm so lazy. I'll write this one in another post. Tata.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spring Semester Wrap up

Well this is how the end of the semester played out...

A week before finals, I had to write 4 papers. Yes, four papers. Did those, and surprisingly got all A's on them.

Finals, I did decent on my Brit Lit final, better than I thought considering I didn't really study, but I am expecting a decent grade for the course overall. Hopefully an A, but we will see.

For my Modern Am Lit class... the final was a bust, but I am so so so glad that I made a 95 on the essay. She normally grades really hard, so the fact that I got a 95 makes me feel goood.

For film seminar... She didn't give us the review until 24 hours before the final... I was annoyed lol. BUT, it was easier than I was expecting it to be, all essay questions though. I am hoping I pulled at least an 85 so that I can keep my A. We will see again.

So now, I am home for the summer. My finals ended on Monday, but I didn't leave until Tuesday night. Right now, I am catching up/rewatching 13 Reasons Why so that it is fresh on my mind when season 2 comes out next week! I also just finished an application for a job, hopefully I get it so I can work there since it's closer to home or maybe work two jobs (at my aunt's).

Tonight, I may or may not be dragged to my little sister's boyfriend's graduation. Hopefully I won't slack off this summer like I usually do and I'll blog. As I am watching 13RW, I am awaiting my grades that are supposed to be ready at noon. Eeeks, it's 1140am.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

To All The Boys

I read Jenny Han's books again... To All The Boys I've Loved Before. I've read the series probably 4 times now, but it's so good that I have to! It's my guilty pleasure.

I just cannot wait until August when the movie comes out! Yes, it is coming soon on Netflix. I just wish they would release a trailer or sneak peek of some sort so that they don't leave me dying out here...

I'm a little nervous though, because the cast I envisioned was not the cast that was casted. Like, I wanted David Lambert from The Fosters to be Josh--weird since Noah Centio from TF is Peter. And Peter! I wanted Justin from 13 Reasons Why to play him... or even Nolan Funk or one of the Sprouse twins!
Image result for david lambert the fosters
Like, this is how Josh looks in my mind!!!

Image result for justin 13 reasons why
And Justin looks like a Peter so much to me!

I'm nervous!!!! However, I will do another book review soon since I am currently rereading 99 Days by Katie Cotugno.

I'm off finishing my 4/5 papers now!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Last Hurrah of the School Year

My friends and I took a mini road trip on Tuesday. We drove two hours up the many mountains that Arkansas has and ended up in Blanchard Springs where there is a lake called Mirror Lake and a man-made dam that was built for an old mill that I believe stopped operating in the 1930s--I'm not sure what the history is, but here is some more info. 

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water
This waterfall is on a pathway that was built off of wood bridges, this is more of a walkway than a hiking trail.
Image may contain: sky, mountain, tree, outdoor, nature and water
Mirror Lake that rests atop of the dam.

Image may contain: plant, outdoor, nature and water
This is the dam turned waterfall.
Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature
The old mill that has been run over with water. Apparently the whole building once stood just a couple of years ago, but the other walls fell down and you can see them in the water. It's ultra-creepy, but oh-so-pretty.

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor, water and nature
From the window of the mill... Can you imagine working there and that being the view? I'm sure it didn't look like that when people were working here, but still. Oh, if trees could talk, they'd have stories to tell.

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, water and nature
My friend took this picture of me while I tried to get closer to the waterfall to take pics.

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water
My friend also took this picture when I pointed out the fish. It was a rainbow trout, so pretty! It was stuck on a fishing line and hook, so we tried to save it but the hook was too tricky and lodged in its throat--what my friend said.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Of course, I took plenty of Polaroids.

This trip was much needed before finals start. I have five papers to write..... UGH. Kill me now. The stress is back. 

Friday, April 20, 2018


So, this past year I've been using Happy Planners to keep track of my life... but now I am debating whether or not to make the complete switch over to a bullet journal, but still using the disc system from the Happy Planner and their accessories.

I need to make a whole post over planners.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tonight is the night...

I can't believe I missed the premiere of The Originals last night, I had so much to do. I've been slacking off lately with posting... as you can see in the number of posts. March has waay more posts than April does. Mainly because April is the big wave that hits you right before finals does come the first week of May versus the midterm wave.

But tonight... Is the Scandal series finale (see my thoughts from last month here)... I am not mentally prepared for this. However, I will be live blogging my reactions like I did for the Bachelor

I'm just really upset because I feel like there is so much momentum and it's so rushed, but we'll see.... Is it bad that I hope Liv doesn't end up in Vermont--it's just not the kind of life she likes to live. I want her to stand in the sun... if not, I want them all to die, lol.

Here we go...

  • 9pm
    • I knew this Gary Clark aka from Grey's was evil--why bring him into Scandal to cause more drama??
    • WAIT why does he want gun control
    • I love that Sally is back aka Ellis Grey
    • Gov. Reston is back?!? Of course he is going to be involved in the senate hearing
    • God, I hate this person that Jake has turned into... a power hungry person
    • Please, nothing happen to David Rosen... he's my favorite character
    • I can't wait to hear these confessions
    • I wish Steven would come back for the finale... sighhhhhhh
    • I need a good Papa Pope speech this episode
  • 905pm
    • I seriously wish this was a 2 hour season finale

10 minutes in, I can't I need full concentration on watching this! 

  • 910pm
    • OMG Tom Larsen is here 
      • is it bad that my favorite character are not the main characters
    • FINALLY Charlie
      • okay really that make out session lol
    • YESSSS  they're getting married
      • I've been waiting for #Charliequinn
    • I love this wedding, Charlie in a freaking orange jumpsuit
    • BERNARD GUSKY is Charlie's real name. I'm fucking dead
  • 915pm
    • I love David's reaction to Charlie's name
    • Jake's about to kill David
    • I'm so sick of Jake always threatening David, ever since s3
    • Flashbacks to season 3 when James was killed
    • THAT's right David!!!!! "I am not your bitch" lol
    • Omg, why is David so right. Jake is always someone's bitch, and he wouldn't be missed if he was dead because of all he's been recently
  • 920pm
    • YEAH JAKE GO HOME, pls tell Cyrus off
    • Cyrus has been a snake since the beginning of the series
    • I love how David is so proud of himself
    • I love him and Abby
    • He's so confident and she's so worried!
  • 925pm
    • If Cyrus is tricking David, I will scream
    • If that drink is poisoned...
    • CRyUS i HATE you
  • 930PM
      • i'M SCREAMING AT THE COMMERICAL...  *** George Newbern aka Charlie is from LR, AR and he was here a couple of days ago and he's on the news segment after the finale is over!!! I am yellin, I could have seen him, this was like yesterday too
    • Poor Abby
    • I'm so upset
    • David was the only good guy left
    • Poor Abby
    • No good guys left
    • I'm gonna cry!
    • "What am I? A travel agency?" 
    • I love Quinn and Rowan's weird friendship lol
    • I think Rowan is going to save the day, tbh...
      • It's the one good thing left he can do
  • 935pm
    • Weird sitting Fitz sitting in her living room.... I don't know if I want them to end up together... so much water under the bridge
    • Oh no, they're playing "The Light" by the Album Leaf... I am going to cry
    • Yes, they couldn't end scandal with out a hot makeout session
  • 945pm
    • he's going to save them or have them killed
    • oh gosh... JAke is taking the blame?????
    • I'm so upset
    • "The good guy's dead"
    • Oh god, I want Jake to stand in the sun... he is but by himself.. I just don't want him to take all the blame
    • Oh gosh.. it's already 947...
    • I'm so upset for them
    • "I loved you" what's with the past tense
    • I'm so sad
  • 950pm
    • They got the whole Album Leaf playing here
    • "Thank you for showing up for me" 
      • Tell me this is not their last scene
    • She just told him goodbye
    • how is there only minutes left
    • I hate you, Cy!
  • 955pm
    • Sign those papers!
    • A failed coup, a failed mam--many times
    • Oh god, please Liv. Stay in Washington
    • don't go to vermont
    • don't say make jam
    • good, she didn't
    • lol
    • They actually shot this in WashingtonD.C... nice
    • Charlie is free, yes!
      • I'm so glad they get a happy ending
    • God, Fitz tries so hard to stay relevant lol
    • YES, Mellie and Marcus... she doesn't need a mad but still
    • Please don't kill yourself In prison Jake
    • Papa Pope and Wine..
      • I'm upset
    • Okay, what is with the rock
    • Of course they said "hi" to each other
    • Okay, hat's with the portrait of Liv??
I am devastated. That's it?
I need that John Travolta gif NOW.