Sunday, March 18, 2018

My mom’s chick stir fry

My mom calls this ooey gooey chicken stir fry. It was my favorite thing to eat when I was a little girl. 

I made this on my first Saturday back in Tulsa, because I was absolutely craving it. It happens all the time when I’m away because I miss my mom’s American, but authentic Asian cooking. You can read what I did that day here. 

Here’s how you make it....

Pack of chicken wings (16 or 8 ct depending on how many people you will be feeding)
Carrots (I use one bag of small carrots, there are about 5-8) 
Broccoli (I use 2 large crowns)
Yellow onion (one large one)
**you can use as much or as little veggies as you want, I just like it with veggies. 
Sauces: oyster sauce, vegetable oil 

Preheat oven to 400
Clip, cut, wash wings, season with salt and pepper 
Cut broccoli into smaller heads
Cut the onion in bite size pieces, thick not thin though
Cut carrots (I cut them oblong)

Place raw chicken on a baking sheet and bake until cooked, but not crisped. I should have taken a picture but you want it browned just a little bit. You will cook the rest of it in a pan. 

Throw onions in pan and add oil
Add veggies 
When veggies start to get more color, remove chicken from the oven and transfer them into the pan 
Add oyster sauce (the oyster sauce and veg oil make it gooey) 
Stir until your veggies look the way you like them, but not too long otherwise they will crinkle up and disappear!!

Serve the stir fry with white or brown rice. 

This is such a good and simple stir fry recipe :) 

Saturday Series 2

How I know it’s a Saturday when I wake up at home...

I wake up and smell my mom cooking brunch. We are late sleepers... it was tater tot casserole. I wake up to wash my face and pass my little brothers room and see that he’s not in bed anymore and I hear him laughing with my dad downstairs. He normally goes to lay with him while they watch tv, normally the twilight zone or whatever is playing on MeTV. To my little sister’s annoyance, I wake her up, but she has to work that afternoon anyways. After I wash my face, I go downstairs and ask my mom if she needs help. As always, her answer is no, but she lets me set the table.  I hear the water running upstairs and my older sister is up and washing her face and then comes downstairs—she’s normally the last one awake so when we hear her playing the piano, we know out r Saturday has started. 

It’s so weird being home and writing about my Saturday since I’m normally snug in bed and stay there until I absolutely need to get out. It’s nice just being home for spring break. 

Later, we sent my sister to work and I bought my older sister and me some Starbucks since I had a gift card from my sister’s boyfriend ( as a birthday gift). Side note: my sister works at the same place I do l... the place where I first started working and still work on winter and summer breaks. I went in to say hi to all my co workers and saw my aunt and her daughter in laws and my insanely cute nephews. 

Went home and I should have done my online homework since it’s normally what I always do on my Saturday, but it’s the first day of spring break and I’d rather not. 

Then since I was home for the first time in forever, I cooked dinner. You can check out what I cooked here

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Jenny Han's Summer series

For the life of me, I cannot remember if I did a book review on this series or not. But I love Jenny Han and I've read all of her YA novels--I'm rereading the series for the 100th time this spring break.

Image result for the summer series
When I first found the books, I read them in the wrong order since I found it at the public library since my family would go every week to rent movies, books and use the internet (because my parents would not get us wifi for the longest time). So, I read the second book first. I was totally confused, so I had to start from the beginning.

Belly, short for Isabel is a young teenager who loves summertime, and the summer boys--Conrad and Jeremiah. But she has had the hots for Conrad all along. The series follows her and her summer vacations with these boys, her brother, mom and Susannah--who later dies and is also the mother of C & J.

I love the Belly and her infatuation, Conrad's unspoken love for her, and Jeremiah's undeniable love for her--and it tore me apart when she had to "choose" which brother, but she really didn't choose at the end, it was chosen for her, technically.

I thought initially that it was a little weird how she struck up a relationship with Jeremiah so soon after breaking up with Conrad... I mean I never felt like the feelings she had for him were real. It also annoyed me how he cheated on her. I really think Jenny Han did this so that Belly had a reason to run back to Conrad, and so that the reader would want her to be with Conrad again. Because in the last book, Conrad does a total 180 on his character, and we see this whole other side of him--which I like.

What annoyed me though was that we see Conrad have a character growth, Jere turns into a "bad guy" and we even see growth and maturity in Taylor Jewel, but not it Belly.

She stays pretty much her same self throughout the entire series. She's immature, enough said. I can't even make a list of reasons why she is because it would take ALL DAY LONG and I just don't have time for that, ha-ha, but if you read the book, you can tell. She kicks dirt when she's upset, she cries anytime something goes wrong and the list goes on.

Overall, if you're reading this for entertainment purposes and a getaway from your life, read this book, because it's really cute.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Broke 2018

I'm excited that I will be kicking off spring break a little early this year. I will be home for almost two weeks--starting with going home Thursday (I presume) and then celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and then dog sitting my cousins sweet dogs.

This is great, because I will more than likely (we will see) work during the break so that I can earn a little cash for when I go back to school.

Spring broke for the win!

Monday, March 12, 2018

90210: Naomi

Image result for naomi clark     Naomi Clark is one of my favorite characters on the CW. She is fierce, loyal, she stays true to herself, a feminist (never refers to herself as one but is), and above all--a great friend.
     Yes, I get why people can hate her, she is a bitch--at times. She goes through a ton of men in the show--I would too if they all looked like that! She's rich and has an endless pile of money to spend and can be dubbed as a spoiled brat--but what are viewers expecting? They live in Beverly Hills, the 90210, the zipcode that the elite live in, should she be poor?
     I liked her from the moment I saw her, and I feel like she grows from season to season while still remaining her true self. She knows who she is, but she is open to opening her heart up to new friends and loves, and being generous.
     However, it annoys me how smart she is and then isn't. While watching, if you pay attention, I feel like the producers really dumbed her down. I feel like they made her the "dumb blonde" who has no morals since we already had the smart Silver and humble Annie and bubbly Adrianna. Naomi is a smart girl!
     It's only in season one that you can really see this, and then from season 2 and on, she becomes an air head and loses all her brain. Here are some examples where she is smart or has moral value:

  • The first episode, she can write the paper, she's just lazy or too accustomed to be lazy because of her parents. Yes, she copies Annie's paper, but in the end she does write it. 
  • When she sees her dad cheating and she wants her mom to leave him. It shows that she respects fidelity and wants her mom to be respected in her parent's marriage. Naomi is not about the other woman, or being the other woman (season 1 &2)
  • Reading Adrianna's contract from Ty's mom. If Naomi really was this airhead blonde, I am pretty sure that she would not understand a word of that legal document that Adrianna is given. 
These are just the examples that pop off the top of my head. I just wish that she wasn't presented by the producers as a "dumb" blonde at certain times during the show--like when she fails calculus and needs a math tutor or almost flunks out of high school. 

Naomi is such an underrated heroine and is my favorite girl from the show! Does anyone else agree?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Daily life: Saturday continued...

It's 9pm and I'm already in bed ready to turn in. I could honestly go to bed right now and fall asleep. I opted instead to blog and schedule blog posts--a beautiful thing that way it looks like I am blogging everyday and I'm not being inconsistent, even though I am.

I was planning to go out with my friend tonight, but it started thunderstorming like crazy. It's been this way for the past 2 weeks. Rain, rain, and rain. This week we had nice weather--like 70 degrees, but I spoke too soon.

So here I am on a Saturday night. I'm blogging, watching It's Complicated and I did three loads of laundry today: clothes & bed sheets and comforter. But since I am here, I am trying to organize my blog, so that way I can navigate through it and it looks a little cleaner.

Tomorrow daylight savings ends which I am dreading, and I love laying in a clean bed while listening to the sound of rain and thunder. I just hope the power doesn't go out like is always does.


The Girl Everyone Loves to Hate

Image result for i didn't come here to make friendsDuring Ben Flanjik's season of the bachelor, I loved Courtney even though she was dubbed the villain of season 16. I thought she was quite entertaining. She is witty and maybe because I have her same sense of humor, I thought her jokes were funny. "Another one bites the dust" THAT was funny, I didn't see what was so wrong with it when she got death stares from the other girls.
     Because I was such a fan of hers, I was so sad for her when the girls ripped in to her during the "Women tell all." I feel like she never had a chance to explain why she acted the way she did, and then after reading her book, I still wish she had defended herself, but she stayed vulnerable and owned up to her actions--which I commend her for. That's hard to do!

I enjoyed reading Courtney's tell-all not only because you get to see her point of view of being on the bachelor, but all the secrets she spills about herself. I feel like you only get to see the bachelor's journey on the show, this was it was nice to see what went through her mind.

Her book is so easy to read! It's easy to follow and I think she is a brilliantly entertaining writer (even though there were some errors in punctuation and grammar). She takes you into her early life and the run through of her modeling career and her love life--which is all interesting. I love how she dropped truth bombs about all the men in her life (romantically) and even how she dated Arie (who knew Emily Maynard could be so possessive over her ex?).

She gave the inside scoop on the runaround on the application and interview process and held nothing back! It's crazy to see how her and Ben's relationship turned out and all of their problems. I'm glad she was truthful and upfront about it... I feel like all these new couples make it seem like the best in the world, she told the truth about their relationship.

Despite popular opinion, I think Courtney Robertson is real AF--maybe it's because I am biased, I love her! Her comebacks are funny and she tells the truth. I saw on insta a few months ago that she is writing a new book, I hope it comes out soon, I'll be the first to read it!

90210: Plothole?

I'm currently binge watching 90210 and I am at the end of season 3.... In 3x22, Naomi is throwing Ivy's bachelorette party. The male stripper mistakenly goes to the boys, so they do a joint party... the stripper's name: Terry. He's literally in the season 3 finale and then introduced in the season premiere of season 4 as the guy who sells his house to Naomi... like hello!
Image result for 90210 3x22 terry
The stripper is also in the next season as a new character named Austin whom has a romantic relationship with Naomi (I'm upset that they didn't last) and even a budding partnership/relationship with Adrianna (upset that also didn't last). 

I really wish his character could have stayed for the rest of the series, I loved him and Naomi and I thought he was going to be her end game. It was just annoying to me because N goes through so many serious relationships within season 4 and is even going to get married--and I desperately wanted Austin and her to get back together. If only!!! 
Reasons I like Austin: I love his Texas accent--my bias from being from Texas, he keeps Annie's secret job a secret, he tries to help Adrianna and manage her career, his dad is Billy Ray Cyrus--enough??!

Austin was such a good character and had some really funny lines. But am I the only one who noticed he was the stripper in season 3?

Daily life: Saturdays

How do I spend my Saturdays?

My weekends start Thursday nights, so I like to use Thursday's as my Fridays and Friday as my Saturday. Last night, I went out to eat with my friend at a local restaurant called Venezia's--I think that's how you spell it. I spell it different every single time. It's a pretty good pasta place since they don't have an Olive Garden anywhere near where I live, and the prices are reasonably cheap for such good pasta and pizza. My favorites? The Margarita pizza & spaghetti. After that, I went to watch A Wrinkle In Time with my friend. The movie started out really slow, like it took forever for them to tesser to the different planet. I understand the need for background information, but it took f o r e v e r . Once they tessered off earth, the movie went by so quickly.

On to the original question--how do I spend my Saturdays? I totally got off topic in the paragraph above. On Saturdays, I like to stay at home and rest since I normally spend time with my friends on Thursday and Friday. I hold off my online class until Saturday and do it all then.

  • I usually wake up (around lunchtime most days lol) and have breakfast or lunch depending on the time. 
  • I look at my planners to see what I need to do. 
  • Start a load of laundry. 
  • Start reading the chapters assigned.
    • Do the assignment and upload it online. (Sometimes I take forever doing this because I get so bored or so distracted so it takes me hours just because I'm lazy ha-ha)
  • If I am still working on the assignment, I take a break and put my laundry away (I'm really weird and I can't stand leaving clean laundry in its basket for days on end--I have to put it away as soon as it comes out of the dryer.)
  • After I am done with my online class, I attempt to do readings that are due for my Monday night seminar or Tuesday classes or I watch the movie that I was assigned for my seminar. 
If and when I finish all of the above, I normally just relax the rest of the day... meaning Netflix marathons, pleasure reading (currently reading Brooklyn), hanging out with friends (Ugh, why am I so social, lol), or I nap lol. 

So there it is, my boring life on how I spend my Saturdays as a college student! 

Friday, March 9, 2018

My hopes (predictions) for the fate of "Kepzona"

Image result for kepzona
    I mentioned Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew leaving Grey's the other day...  They say they are leaving because of creative differences for season 15, not because of the pay difference of Ellen Pompeo. From reading Capshaw's post, it seems like it's her choice for leaving, and reading Drew's response, it sounds to me like it wasn't her choice for leaving. I'm just sad because that means that Riggs, April, and Arizona all left/leaving this season. I feel like the only upside of them leaving is that they have developed a friendship in the recent seasons. As much as they had their tiffs (like when AZ told Avery that she was pregnant) here and there--after Callie left, April and Arizona became each other's person. However, this post is not about their friendship--rather my predictions or hope of how their stories will come to close.

My hopes for April or predictions...

April would never ever leave Harriet. So I feel like the only possible way for her to leave is to die? I honestly don't like her character that much and maybe it's that I don't see it, but I feel like she has had no character development--except for exploring herself and having sex and becoming a mother. April and Jackon's relationship unraveled SO fast. I thought they were going to last forever... but this proves not to be true. I feel like Jackson and April could have some weird custody agreement the way Arizona and Callie have--but that's so unconventional! It's so sad to hear about Callie or Sofia without actaully seeing Callie. I feel like the best way to close April's story is for her to die--or even get fired because her recent actions have been off the chart! I'm not really sad to see her go, I am just sad to see her and Jackson's relationship to end--and I wonder how on earth are they going to wrap her story up so quickly when it's already March and the season ends in May. If she did stay on, I am not sure what else the writers could throw at her character and have it  be enjoyable.

Although I was never much of a Japril fan, I do like the pair together, but I appreciate their friendship more... This scene is my fave moment between them.

Arizona on the other hand, I have learned to love. I didn't like her at first because it seemed like all she cared about was herself--especially with Callie. I eventually liked her when Sofia came along... I loved her and Mark's friendship with each other. I liked how she got the focus on her career when she became a fetal surgeon--I felt like she was finding her own footing without Callie. I'm sad to see her character go... but here's what I am hoping....

Callie comes back for a guest appearance and so that she and Arizona can reconcile and they can move happily to wherever in the world--hopefully researching for Arizona's project or moving to NYC together where Mark was from.