Friday, April 20, 2018


So, this past year I've been using Happy Planners to keep track of my life... but now I am debating whether or not to make the complete switch over to a bullet journal, but still using the disc system from the Happy Planner and their accessories.

I need to make a whole post over planners.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tonight is the night...

I can't believe I missed the premiere of The Originals last night, I had so much to do. I've been slacking off lately with posting... as you can see in the number of posts. March has waay more posts than April does. Mainly because April is the big wave that hits you right before finals does come the first week of May versus the midterm wave.

But tonight... Is the Scandal series finale (see my thoughts from last month here)... I am not mentally prepared for this. However, I will be live blogging my reactions like I did for the Bachelor

I'm just really upset because I feel like there is so much momentum and it's so rushed, but we'll see.... Is it bad that I hope Liv doesn't end up in Vermont--it's just not the kind of life she likes to live. I want her to stand in the sun... if not, I want them all to die, lol.

Here we go...

  • 9pm
    • I knew this Gary Clark aka from Grey's was evil--why bring him into Scandal to cause more drama??
    • WAIT why does he want gun control
    • I love that Sally is back aka Ellis Grey
    • Gov. Reston is back?!? Of course he is going to be involved in the senate hearing
    • God, I hate this person that Jake has turned into... a power hungry person
    • Please, nothing happen to David Rosen... he's my favorite character
    • I can't wait to hear these confessions
    • I wish Steven would come back for the finale... sighhhhhhh
    • I need a good Papa Pope speech this episode
  • 905pm
    • I seriously wish this was a 2 hour season finale

10 minutes in, I can't I need full concentration on watching this! 

  • 910pm
    • OMG Tom Larsen is here 
      • is it bad that my favorite character are not the main characters
    • FINALLY Charlie
      • okay really that make out session lol
    • YESSSS  they're getting married
      • I've been waiting for #Charliequinn
    • I love this wedding, Charlie in a freaking orange jumpsuit
    • BERNARD GUSKY is Charlie's real name. I'm fucking dead
  • 915pm
    • I love David's reaction to Charlie's name
    • Jake's about to kill David
    • I'm so sick of Jake always threatening David, ever since s3
    • Flashbacks to season 3 when James was killed
    • THAT's right David!!!!! "I am not your bitch" lol
    • Omg, why is David so right. Jake is always someone's bitch, and he wouldn't be missed if he was dead because of all he's been recently
  • 920pm
    • YEAH JAKE GO HOME, pls tell Cyrus off
    • Cyrus has been a snake since the beginning of the series
    • I love how David is so proud of himself
    • I love him and Abby
    • He's so confident and she's so worried!
  • 925pm
    • If Cyrus is tricking David, I will scream
    • If that drink is poisoned...
    • CRyUS i HATE you
  • 930PM
      • i'M SCREAMING AT THE COMMERICAL...  *** George Newbern aka Charlie is from LR, AR and he was here a couple of days ago and he's on the news segment after the finale is over!!! I am yellin, I could have seen him, this was like yesterday too
    • Poor Abby
    • I'm so upset
    • David was the only good guy left
    • Poor Abby
    • No good guys left
    • I'm gonna cry!
    • "What am I? A travel agency?" 
    • I love Quinn and Rowan's weird friendship lol
    • I think Rowan is going to save the day, tbh...
      • It's the one good thing left he can do
  • 935pm
    • Weird sitting Fitz sitting in her living room.... I don't know if I want them to end up together... so much water under the bridge
    • Oh no, they're playing "The Light" by the Album Leaf... I am going to cry
    • Yes, they couldn't end scandal with out a hot makeout session
  • 945pm
    • he's going to save them or have them killed
    • oh gosh... JAke is taking the blame?????
    • I'm so upset
    • "The good guy's dead"
    • Oh god, I want Jake to stand in the sun... he is but by himself.. I just don't want him to take all the blame
    • Oh gosh.. it's already 947...
    • I'm so upset for them
    • "I loved you" what's with the past tense
    • I'm so sad
  • 950pm
    • They got the whole Album Leaf playing here
    • "Thank you for showing up for me" 
      • Tell me this is not their last scene
    • She just told him goodbye
    • how is there only minutes left
    • I hate you, Cy!
  • 955pm
    • Sign those papers!
    • A failed coup, a failed mam--many times
    • Oh god, please Liv. Stay in Washington
    • don't go to vermont
    • don't say make jam
    • good, she didn't
    • lol
    • They actually shot this in WashingtonD.C... nice
    • Charlie is free, yes!
      • I'm so glad they get a happy ending
    • God, Fitz tries so hard to stay relevant lol
    • YES, Mellie and Marcus... she doesn't need a mad but still
    • Please don't kill yourself In prison Jake
    • Papa Pope and Wine..
      • I'm upset
    • Okay, what is with the rock
    • Of course they said "hi" to each other
    • Okay, hat's with the portrait of Liv??
I am devastated. That's it?
I need that John Travolta gif NOW.

Station 19

Well... First can I say that I think Ben is going to cheat on Miranda, or have some sort of close relationship with that one girl who has PTSD with the fire.

There is a freaking cutie, Andy's ex boyfriend who is a police officer, and also, I hope him and Maya get together.

But I can't say much right now, because the Scandal Finale is about to start.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

My top 10 FAVORITE Glee songs

Listen to your heart--Rachel and Jesse

I've said this before, and I'll say it again, but this is my favorite song by them and in Glee that they sing. For one, there voices go so perfectly together and I literally get chills when Jesse starts singing and Rachel is so happy to see him--this is a total parallel to when they sung Rolling in the deep. 

I lived--Glee cast

It's the last song on the show, what they closed it with and I don't know of a better song than that to end this wonderful show. I loved loved how everyone came back for this number, like Matt from season one and even Terri! ( I saw everyone except for Marley). 

Root before branches--Rachel and Finn

I mentioned why I love this song in this post. I love how everyone bids Rachel goodbye as she goes on a new direction to NYC. (See what I did there, lol.)

The Scientist--Glee cast

This is from the breakup episode--what a perfect song again. I love how all the couples who are breaking up or having problems are singing together. 

Girls just wanna have fun--Finn

I love Finn's acoustic rendition of this song... it's my favorite song that he sings throughout the series. 

Give your heart a break-- Rachel and Brody

Okay, the chemistry between these two were off the charts. I really wish the two of them had a chance, I honestly didn't care that he was a male prostitute. He was so gorgeous and if he had stayed in the show a little longer, he would have given Finn and Jesse a run for their money. I'm just so upset that he got cut from the show because he had so much potential. 

Rumor has it/Someone like you--Santana, Brittney, and Mercedes

Okay, for one I love both of the Adele songs and girl power! I love this song because Santana has so much emotion through it--and slapsFinn at the end, so unexpected!

Dream on--NPH and Shuester

Neil Patrick Harris... need I say more?

Oh no, I can only pick 2 more songs??????

Bye bye bye / I want it that way--Finn and Shuester

My favorite boy bands... I literally waited for freaking ever for them to do a BSB song. 

Singing in the rain/ Umbrella-- Shuester and Paltrow

Lucky--Sam and Quinn

Okay a few more that I forgot to mention... 

Wide Awake, Need You Now, No Air, Rolling in the Deep, Don't Speak, Don't Dream it's Over, Chasing Pavements, Just Give Me A Reason, Keep Holding On (Just Puck)

There are too many to narrow them down to my absolute favorties, but these are the ones that popped into my head first, but as I am rewatching Glee, I keep finding gems! 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Life Lately...

I've been busy.

I finally met with my advisor, and she told me that it would take me three more semesters to graduate. I think I am okay with that, but my parents.. they are going to kill me, and then bring me back to life to finish my degree.

I accidenltly skipped all my classes this morning. I started my period and I took some trazodone and had a really bad reaction to it.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I got a new phone recently.

I went to watach Blockers the other day... Funniest movie I have seen in a while. John Cena is so cute as a protective dad. AND they actually show a penis and balls in the movie--which I was surprised to see because they never do that! But the scene where it's shown is so freaking hilarious.
Other than that, finals is in a couple of weeks and I am not mentally prepared!! AAAH. 

Was I right or was I right?

My theory on Dr. Bello leaving was totally right, but that's just because I knew that she was going to be on the Roswell reboot.

I am a little sad for DeLuca though, he looked so sad, and so torn. But I am glad for Bello--I mean hello, they saved her. Now she gets to go work with Yang in Switzerland.

Can I just say that Maggie walking out of the hospital when DeLuca literally just put Bello in the cab made me wish they were together again??

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Grey's: my thoughts and predictions

My predictions for Grey's...

- I think this is really going to be the end of the line for Teddy and Owen--it's been push and pull for such a long time, and I totally forgot about Henry... What Owen did to Teddy was so, so wrong and I don't think they can recover from that...
- The intern that ICE is looking for from the promo, I think that the girl they are looking for is Dr. Sam Bello--aka the girl who is sleeping with DeLuca. I think he'll try to save her by marrying her or something, but ultimately I think she is going to leave. My guess, because she is going to be in the new Roswell reboot--which I am totally upset about. She is going to be the main character so how can she work on an ABC & CW show? I think they are trying to push viewers to believe that it's the girl who wears the hijab or even Roy.
- Sofia is missing Callie, AND so is Arizona. I really think that out of the two (April and Arizona) they would give Arizona a happier ending. Hopefully one that ends with Callie and Arizona reconciling.
- Meredith might go for that guy...

These are just my predictions and theories for what's up to come in Grey's. We will see waht happens on Thursday.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Why I'm Team Jesse

Okay, this is literally been sitting in my drafts for two years, and I am finally posting it.
Image result for jesse st james gif

Though, I love the late Finn Hudson, I believe that Jesse St James and Rachel Berry make the better couple and I'm glad the two ended up together.

I understand why people disagree, he was playing a spy for Rachel's mom and he threw eggs at her after he played New Directions. So I get why people hate him and wonder why he ended up with Rachel.

For one, Jesse and Rachel share the same level of talent. They both know they can sing and they sing well together. (My favorite duet? Rolling in the deep & Listen to your heart) Second, they share the same dreams and they understand the means and what it takes to get there. Third, he's always been there for her--hello he showed up at her nationals in NYC & in season 3! He still cares for her even when they aren't together.

Finn on the other hand? Okay he didn't even really like her in the beginning, and it was weird how he kissed her even though he was with Quinn--red flag! I feel like Rachel was always pining after Finn and he didn't give her the time of day until he needed someone to lean on or needed the whole bowling thing just to get her back on New Directions and to quit the play. And another red flag, HE WAS EMBARRASSED TO DATE HER. He was even so annoyed with her, he broke up with her for a chance with Santana and Brittney, like not okay. Finn only realizes he wants her, when she's with Jesse or when she's not paying him any attention. SMH.

I just feel like Finn held Rachel back so much. Yes, he did let her go to NY by herself and called off the wedding, but that was the most selfless thing he did for her ever. But even if Finn was still alive, I would have rooted for Jesse and Rachel to be endgame, which they were :)

But I am pretty sure I am the only person in the world to have this thought about the two of them.
Seriously though, RIP Cory because it's almost been 5 years since his death.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Spring Break: Days 8-10

I'm back with the rest of my spring break, nothing big, just a recap!

Friday, My family and I were back in Keller. How weird did it feel? W E I R D . It was the first time I had been back in years! There has been so much development when we left compared to how the town looked like when my family and I first moved there in 1999. We left in 2014 and in only 4 years, the town has G R O W N tremendously. Any land that had a cow grazing in the grass had been gone and replaced with a shopping center or fast food chain.

We went to Daiso--a Japanese dollar store. Everything was a dollar. They have gifts, beauty products, stationary, toiletries, pillows, knicknacks, snacks and everything else! The location we went to was located on Tehama across from the Alliance center highway (Heritage Trace). And by the way, who the fuck put a traffic circle there? Last time I was there, all the land there had not been developed yet.

No automatic alt text available.
Image may contain: indoor

After that, we drove to West Ft. Worth toward the Hulen area to go to our old favorite restaurant, Szchuean, then to the mall. Afterwards, we headed back to the Keller area and went to our favorite boba tea house, and they were out of our favorite flavor... strawberry avalanche. We even went to both locations and they were still out! So I settled for my second favorite--avocado.

Image may contain: drink
My thumb looks extremely funny in this photo because I was crouched down taking this picture because I used a white car as the background for this photo.  

Saturday, we went out to another restaurant that was our favorites and then to the Grapevine Mills mall... a huge mall. If you're ever in Texas, check it our. So many shops and a huge forever 21. They also have the best gelato, Paciugo! We looked at their prom dress store for my little sister who got promposaled. (They have two giant prom dresses store!!)
Then we headed back to Arkansas to drop me off :(

Image may contain: dessert and food

Sunday, I unpacked and did laundry and it felt like spring break never happened. 

It's amazing how change is so constant and always happening, for the good too. I can't imagine how my life would look if I had stayed in Texas all those years ago. I don't think everything happens for a reason. I think life happens and it gives you opportunities to grow from there depending on what you choose.

That's it for now! Look at me being consistent! 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Liv's Redemption...

There are only four episodes left in Scandal's final season. Is it enough time to save Olivia?
Image result for scandal

I used to LOVE Olivia Pope. I wanted to be her. She was so inspirational. But then she became so power-hungry. I get it, ambition is good. Wanting power is good. But she just let it get to her head. And then we have all the Quinn drama. She basically let her die on account of her wanting to keep her power. Thank god, Quinn was actually alive though. 

I just question whether I will still love Olivia in the finale as much as I did in the beginning. I hate her now so much that I don't think she deserves to be with Jake or Fitz in the end... sighhhhhhh. 

However, I am excited to see how the ending will play out. I feel like the cast has a totally different dynamic than in season 1. I just hope that I get closure on all the things I need... mostly on relationships:

  • Charlie and Quinn need a happy ending with their daughter. They are my #1 ship in the show. 
  • Abby and David--such an unconventional couple in the beginning but I love them too! 
  • Fitz needs to get some sort of peace
  • Mellie and Marcus's new relationship
  • Huck and his son!!! 
I just don't know how I feel about the show ending!